Elementary School Teacher Caught Orchestrating Barbaric ‘Fight Club’ Among Students

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A shocking classroom incident at George Washington Carver School in Indianapolis has sparked a lawsuit, shedding light on the appalling behavior of an elementary school teacher, Julious Johnican.

The incident, captured on video and central to the lawsuit filed by Corrie Horan, the mother of the seven-year-old victim identified as O.D., has sent shockwaves through the community and raised serious concerns about the safety and well-being of students in Indianapolis Public Schools (IPS).

The video that surfaced shows a distressing scene where a student is being violently assaulted by another student while Julious Johnican, the teacher, not only fails to intervene but actually encourages the violence.

The victim, O.D., who is a special needs student with various disabilities including sensory sensitivities and learning disabilities, endured repeated bullying and physical harm under the guise of discipline orchestrated by Johnican.

This disturbing revelation has prompted Horan to take legal action against IPS, Johnican, and other school officials involved in perpetuating this abusive environment.

The lawsuit outlines multiple incidents over a three-month period where O.D. was subjected to physical violence within the classroom.

Despite Horan’s efforts to address these issues with the school, she was met with dismissive responses that blamed her child for disruptive behavior rather than addressing the root cause of the problem.

Additionally, alarming comments made by substitute teachers about special needs students being “demonically possessed” further highlight a toxic culture within the school that allowed such abuse to persist unchecked.

As O.D.’s grades plummeted and he expressed fear of going to school due to ongoing attacks and lack of support from staff members, his pleas for help were met with skepticism rather than concern for his well-being.

It wasn’t until the video evidence emerged during a parent-teacher conference that an investigation was launched by the Indiana Department of Child Services (DCS), which substantiated O.D.’s claims of abuse and neglect at the hands of Johnican.

Following these revelations, IPS took immediate action by removing Johnican from the classroom, suspending him, and ensuring he no longer had contact with students or employment with IPS.

While IPS expressed zero tolerance for such behavior and emphasized their commitment to child safety, Horan’s lawsuit seeks justice for her son through allegations of discrimination, negligence in care and supervision, as well as demanding unspecified damages for the psychological trauma inflicted on O.D.

The gravity of this incident underscores systemic failures within IPS that allowed an abusive teacher to perpetrate such harm on a vulnerable student without appropriate intervention or accountability measures in place.

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