EXCLUSIVE: Mystery Solved,This Vet Running For His Seat Made Rep. Bennie Thompson Vote ‘No’ On HR1, His Own Bill

In early March, a mystery unfolded in Washington DC with a powerful, long-term US Congressman who voted against his own high-profile Voting Rights Bill, and hardly anyone in the media investigated why that would have happened.  Here is the likely motivation that would have frightened Bennie Thompson.

“I came closer than anyone else ever has in his 28 years in office, of beating him in 2020, and I believe that influenced Thompson’s vote on HR 1, and I am running against him again because Mississippi needs change,” Brian Flowers, a Naval Veteran who served from 1998 to 2008, told me.


Fox News reported on the mysterious occurrence in their article titled: Mississippi Rep. Bennie Thompson explains why he was only Dem to vote against massive HR 1 election bill. Thompson joined with all Republicans in rejecting voting rights legislation. 

“Democratic Rep. Bennie Thompson’s lone “no” vote against H.R. 1, the massive voting rights and election reform legislation, was no accident.

Thompson of Mississippi joined with all Republicans late Wednesday to vote against the House Democrats’ top legislative priority, known as the For the People Act of 2021.

Thompson’s vote was surprising since he was a co-sponsor of the legislation and the rest of the Democratic caucus. But Thompson said Thursday his constituents weren’t supportive of the election overhaul, so he stood with them rather than his colleagues.”

But the truth of the matter is that far-left radical Marxist, Bennie Thompson faces a formidable challenger in Flowers, whose wife is also a Naval Veteran, and the most likely felt some heat about his last campaign cycle where Flowers spent time out walking his district and meeting the voters at their doors.

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“I knocked on doors, the old-fashioned way,” Flowers told me.  “I have to believe that that made a difference, and I came close to beating Thompson last time.  I am going back in to try again in 2022.”

Flowers, whose work now takes him to the Energy arena working for a Nuclear Power Plant, faces a district that is 64% Black in the second district of Mississippi, and he is a supporter of President Donald H. Trump’s policies.

“President Trump may have bothered some people with the way he spoke, but he is a genius at business and getting people to work.  No one can take that away. That is what we need here in Mississippi,” Flowers told me, and voters agreed with me.

“One of the things that people told me that bothered them is that politicians should not get rich from working in Congress, and I agree, but that is what is happening; it might influence their service to the people,” Flowers said.

“My concerns for this district are Schools, Infrastructure, and Jobs. That is why I view President Trump the way I do. Thompson sees the same reports I do.  He knows what the people need, but he is ignoring them. People need to go back to work, bridges and roads need repair.  Our Schools are graduating kids, and only 10% are proficient in reading and 5% in Math. We are setting them up for failure. Thompson is worried about fluff,” Flowers told me.


This is a retweet from Thompson, so he spoke in favor of the bill he co-authored and voted against. That seems very strange. Flower’s must be on to something.

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Bennie Thompson keeps himself busy with politics as usual in Washington DC, while Mississippi suffers, and he is suing President Donald J. Trump, along with some other far left radical leftists, over their hurt feelings.

I want to tell people about myself that my work in energy has also given me a unique opportunity to understand how the Democrats are making mistakes with energy and how they are ignoring the needs of the people. I understand the need for energy as an essential need. We need good energy to properly care for our infrastructure, for our residents, for their homes, for our schools and hospitals. The Green New Deal is not an improvement for Americans, for example, so it is a problem. My job now is to keep America out of the mess that Japan had. We want clean, safe and reliable energy. I know I can expand on that skill set and help in Washington DC, especially for the people back here in Mississippi who need that help,” Flowers said.

Brian Flowers running for US House in Mississippi’s second district can be found at Brian Flowers for Congress.

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Sharon Arrington

The old has been Rob Reiner, leans so far left, when he walks it appears he has a limp. Anyway, good luck Brian Flowers on the upcoming race in 2022,

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