Perhaps out of sheer jealousy, the left has gone out of their way to discredit CPAC attendees and organizers as anti-Jewish, even creating a drama where there was none, and when in fact, there is no truth to their claims.  I was at CPAC, and I attended numerous events with my Jewish friends, as they welcomed me warmly to eat with them and observe their traditions and Appointed Times with God.  We observed Purim and Shabat together.

“We were able to make this happen due to generous help from the organizers of CPAC, and also help from our donors,” Rabbi Yintz Tendler said in opening remarks on Friday afternoon.

If the left took some time to read the book of Ester, this whole CPAC-Nazi reference might seem quite ironic to them; most likely, it will be lost on them as they push forward to cancel Conservatives in their lust for power.

Scary times!

Gathered in a large room full of tables and top-notch catering service, within steps of the activity of CPAC were the Young Jewish Conservative group and their friends.

The Young Jewish Conservative group had a four-day event with breakout discussions attended at the Hyatt Hotel Feb 25-28, free to CPAC attendees with full lunch, dinner, prayer services, and panels to discuss the “American First” concerns of the Jewish Community.

Special guests included A-List ” top-level honorable speakers. It was a beautiful, festive and positive event that CPAC promoted.

The “cancel culture” of the left and the Hyatt’s participation, with their flip flop of support for Trump supporters, is embarrassing for the left because it is childish, made-up drama.

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The left claimed that there was some secret anti-Jewish message on the stage when President Donald J. Trump spoke.

“As the grandson of Holocaust survivors, and as a proud American, Marine and Jew, I find these attacks on CPAC to be outrageous and grotesque. I thank Matt Schlapp, Mercedes Schlapp, and Dan Schneider for being proud Christian Zionists and such great friends of the Jewish people,” Josh Mandel, a Candidate for the US Senate from Ohio, told me. 

Mandel was a part of a panel that the Young Jewish Conservative group hosted. He spoke about his service as a US Marine, his America First policies, his support for President Donald J. Trump, and his admiration for Christians who volunteer in Isreal.  Highlighting his deep regard for the brotherhood that can be shared between different groups.

How tragic that the left completely misses that point with their drive to harass and dominate people.

The group is such good friends with CPAC organizers. They decided to be proactive and invite people to participate in their annual event for next year by pre-registering for their Shabbat and Purim event for 2022.

In his article,At CPAC, Jewish Republicans are (still) all in for Trump, Mark I. Pinsky wrote about the 2021 event:

“The Young Jewish Conservatives’ Purim luncheon at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) had everything: a speed reading of the Megillah by Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, hamentaschen, a kid from Brooklyn dressed in a red squid costume, a comedian in a Rush Limbaugh sweatshirt, and a comparison of Democratic U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar to Haman.”

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The following is the group’s letter from Tuesday, in full:

Dear Friends,

Thank you for joining an unforgettable CPAC 2021! Between the festive meals, networking, and great speakers, this year was a beautiful example of how we can join America’s premier national political conference as proud Jews. You may have seen that some internet trolls have been making a ridiculous claim about CPAC sending some secret signals of support to Neo-Nazis based on their stage shape. As you and I both know, nothing is further from the truth: every single year, CPAC bends over backward to support and encourage the Jewish community to join the conference and embraces us warmly.

Please show them some support by pre-registering for CPAC 2022, which I think will be our largest yet! Pre-registering will show CPAC that our community stands with them and appreciates all they do.

Register here: (it doesn’t represent a commitment), and please share with friends and family!

Warm regards,
Yitz Tendler & YJC Staff

Kari Donovan

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Thomas Karones

The news media/Liberal Democratic fiction of President Trump and CPAC being anti-Israel has reached new heights! Under President Trump, our relations with Israel reached new heights. The peace pacts secured were historic and outstanding!



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