Anti-Trump Employees Quit Jobs at Companies with Ties to Trump

Don’t let the door hit ya on the way out.

Liberals are ALWAYS looking for an excuse not to work…

Since becoming President, Trump has gathered many CEOs and business leaders together to make sure American businesses thrive and so that we, together, can make America great again. Many of these company leaders are facing a backlash from their leftist employees (surprised?) who don’t support the new man in charge, and they are threatening to leave by the masses.

The best part? Quitting for no reason leaves you disqualified for unemployment benefits. Guess we will see if that changes their minds…

Don’t let the door hit ya on the way out.


Bloomberg News reports: At IBM, for example, some employees petitioned the company’s CEO Ginni Rometty, asking that she respect their “right to refuse to participate in any government contracts that violate constitutional and civil liberties” after she congratulated Trump on his electoral win.

After Trump won the presidency, an IBM senior strategist wrote an open letter about her resignation.

A manager of cloud operations for Oracle quit his job because Co-Chief Executive Safra Catz joined Trump’s transition team. The manager explained why in a LinkedIn post that gained hundreds of thousands of views.

Some efforts to get the CEOs to change their minds about supporting the Trump administration have been successful, as was the case with Uber’s CEO Travis Kalanick.

The Hill reported: Uber drivers have come out against Kalanick for serving on Trump’s White House advisory council. Kalanick has since resigned from the position after facing resistance from employees.

Job candidates have also made their disdain for Trump known by canceling interviews at companies with Trump ties.

Bloomberg writes: “A 39-year-old lawyer canceled an interview at Morgan, Lewis & Bockius after reading that the Philadelphia firm had handled Trump’s ethics and conflicts-of-interest compliance and won a ‘Russia Law Firm of the Year’ award.”

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