Emails Expose How Biden Admin Bullied Amazon into Censoring Books Critical of the COVID Vaccine

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The Biden administration took aim at Facebook and Twitter for content that did not align with their approval. However, it has now come to light that their censorship efforts also extended to Amazon.

Additionally, we have identified the individual who spearheaded these efforts within the administration.

Representative Jim Jordan shared a revealing thread on X platform on Monday, unveiling the extensive measures employed by the administration to pressure Amazon into ceasing the sale of books they disapproved of.

Their primary target was literature that criticized the COVID-19 vaccination. Initially hesitant about succumbing to the administration’s strong-arm tactics, Amazon eventually caved in and complied.

Who was responsible for implementing this bullying strategy?

It was none other than Andy Slavitt, Biden’s former White House Senior Advisor for the COVID-19 Response.

On March 2, 2021, he initiated the action by sending an email demanding a discussion about alleged “disinformation” present on Amazon’s website.

Amazon chose to delay implementing censorship in order to avoid backlash from right-wing media and prevent their actions from being too apparent to the American public.

Predictably, this decision frustrated and displeased the Regime due to their impatience.

On March 9, 2021, Amazon held a meeting with the White House to discuss their stance on banning or censoring books.

It was revealed by Jordan that Amazon had initially agreed to the meeting due to “pressure from the White House.”

The Regime’s aggressive tactics yielded results as Amazon, on the very day of the meeting, implemented a “Do Not Promote” feature for books that raised doubts about the efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Additionally, the company explored various methods to limit readers’ access to these critical materials.

The recently revealed information adds significant substance to the argument against the censorship regime, which is currently facing considerable challenges.

One crucial development contributing to this is the recent ruling in Missouri vs. Biden by the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals.

In their verdict, the Court determined that the federal government had effectively carried out a massive campaign of censoring American citizens.

The lead Plaintiff in the case, TGP Publisher Jim Hoft, will present oral arguments on March 18 as announced by the Supreme Court.

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