Elon Musk Hammers Far Left News Network: ‘No One Watches CNN… LOL”

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Billionaire Elon Musk recently took to Twitter to mock CNN’s lack of viewership in response to a news anchor’s description of the documentary “What is a Woman?” as “anti-trans”.

Many conservatives have taken his words and used them as an example of what they view as liberal media bias.

Musk responded to a clip that was shared by the Daily Wire, which included a statement from the creators of the documentary.

The tweet read “CNN news anchor calls #WhatIsAWoman an ‘anti-trans documentary’ that could be ‘potentially harmful content.”

The anchor reported that Ella Irwin who was in charge of content moderation had stepped down from Twitter shortly after they blocked and then unblocked access to the documentary.

They concluded: “Billionaire Elon Musk has faced criticism for lax protections against potentially harmful content since he took over in October.” In response, Musk suggested: “I’m tempted to say that this will drive viewership of your movie, but … no one watches CNN lol.”

Since taking control of Twitter last October, many conservatives have argued that Musk has not done enough to protect users from potentially harmful or offensive content on their platform.

It is true that he has implemented some policies such as banning political ads and increasing transparency around what gets removed from their platform. However, far-left, pro-grooming critics argue these policies are still inadequate when it comes to preventing what they deem to be ‘hate speech’ or other forms of discrimination on the site.

This issue is particularly relevant given recent events such as Black Lives Matter terrorist attacks and police related incidents across America. Many pro-censorship people on the left feel strongly about how social media companies should handle these issues and what role corporations like Twitter should play in curbing what they call ‘hateful rhetoric’ online.

It seems Elon Musk believes CNN has been displaying biased coverage against him and his company regarding this particular issue and was simply making a joke. Lighten up CNN.




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