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Left-Side Electors Harassing The Right For Standing With Trump, Death Threats Given To Change Their Votes

The left side is in full panic mode. They can’t hold themselves together as President @Trump tales his last few steps toward The White House.

The left has been trying to figure out how to get Trump away from The White House. They  tried recounts in key states.. it proved nothing but that We The People want Trump as our President. Last resort? Death Threats.

VIA| On the Right, Christopher Suprun, the lone GOP Elector who said he can’t vote for Trump is being subjected to a public smear campaign. The site has a salacious article alleging Suprun – a 9/11 first responder – is a bankrupt, adulterous dirtbag whose Sept. 11 charity isn’t even a real charity. None of the allegations have anything to do with his decision to not vote for Donald Trump.

It’s enough to never want to be an elector. Arizona elector Sharon Geise said she has received more than 1,500 emails demanding she not carry out her duty to vote for the president-elect.

“They just keep coming and coming,” Geise told The New York Post, estimating she’s received more than 50,000 emails since the election. “They’re overpowering my iPad.” Her answer: mass delete.

She’s not swayed: Her decision to vote for Trump is stronger than ever.

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Are you ready for Trump to take office and put an end to all these crying liberals?

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