Drunk Driving Dem Caught On Tape Threatening Cops

Here is proof that the Media sees its role as protecting Democrats. A story of events from early April, which are just surfacing weeks later, of a Michigan State representative who was captured on video very drunk, attacking police and threatening the, with the full authority of the US State government, even to the point where he threatens the department’s funding if officers do not take him home.

This is almost too crazy to believe. Dem MI State Rep Jewell Jones crashed his car while armed with a pistol and drunk with a BAC of 0.17. He then resisted arrest while threatening police he would call Democrat Governor Whitmer to come to his rescue,” Dinesh Desouza reported on Twitter.

This is what happens when good people believe they have too much-unchecked power in government. Jones, who by all accounts is a good guy, a misguided but good guy, believes he has unlimited powers.

According to his WIKI page, Jewell Jones is an American politician from the state of Michigan. He served on the city council of Inkster, Michigan, and was elected to represent the 11th district of the Michigan House of Representatives as the youngest representative in state history. He is a member of the Democratic Party.

“The 911 calls came “pouring in” as Democrat State Rep. Jewell Jones drove down the highway so drunk, and so recklessly, that he careened into a ditch. After police attempted to arrest the Democrat official, he threatened to call Gov. Whitmer on the spot,” The Detroit News reported. 

Seen in the video below is Fox2 coverage of the incident where Jones is clearly seen unable to walk and talking about his status as a State Rep., attempting to get out of legal trouble, after crashing his car on the highway.

Michigan State Police dashboard camera footage captured the April 6 arrest of state Rep. Jewell Jones.

Jones was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving and resisting arrest after a crash on I-96 near Fowlerville. State police troopers said they found Jones’ SUV with the vanity plate ELECTED in a ditch.

Jones can be heard in the video mention is position in legislature and Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.

“I’ll call governor Whitmer right now,” Jones can be heard on the video. “I’m a state rep.”

According to Click on Detroit:

“The video captures police taking Jones to the ground as they continue to struggle with him.

State police reported it took two uses of a taser and pepper spray to get Jones under control.


Police said Jones — who refused a blood test — had a blood-alcohol content of 0.19% after a warrant was obtained — more than twice the legal limit.”

Jones, faces charges including resisting and obstructing officers — a felony — driving with a high blood-alcohol content, reckless driving and possessing a weapon while under the influence.

WXYZ covered the story with footage after the arrest where Jewell is continuing on to intimidate officers by telling them to call their boss and to take him home:

In 2018, Jones was charged with having open intoxicants in his car in 2018, but he was not drunk at the time. He was also involved in a crash on I-96 in 2017 near Fowlerville Road, where he collided into an MSU student.

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Cynthia Gregg

They said he is still a state representative. If he was white, it would be all over the news and they couldn’t have made him step down as a representative fast enough. One sided all the way.


Come on guys. Y’all know the “brother” wasn’t drunk. They arrested him for being Black.
See, they don’t actually shoot all black guys that attack them and “resist” arrest!

Paul Lamothe

the salt of the earth

Mark Gravitte

The police are picking on him because he’s black. It has nothing to do with him being drunk! Racist cops. I wouldn’t be an LEO for 1 million a month!

Cynthia Gregg

Are you being serious. Because it isn’t funny. The only thing about being black is that he thinks he is intitled to do or say anything he wants with no consequences BECAUSE HE IS BLACK. No matter the color. He was driving drunk, all over the road and resisted arrest. Plus this isn’t the first time he has driven drunk.

Mark Gravitte

Just shows how low society has sunk to elect an asshole like him. I weep for the future!


This is both madness and politics. Unfortunately dems seem to mix both every day and enjoy it.


He should have his license revoked for life….He’s has a problem that only he can correct…
Typical Democratic attitude……Commit a crime, deny accountability, blame the Police, threaten the Police, then start throwing names around……What a bum…

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