Dominion was Onsite During Maricopa County’s EAC February Audits

When the bogus audit was done in Maricopa County Arizona, two employees belonging to Dominion Voting were on hand, possibly to assure the fake auditors did not accidentally stumble onto anything.

The Maricopa Board of Elections says they had no authorization above the poll worker and all of the advanced passwords were held by Dominion. For me, that does not pass the smell test.

If it were discovered that a Maricopa employee had Admin User or Technician (Super User) level access, a subpoena from the state Senate would require them to turn it over.

Dominion definitely has them but they refuse to hand them over. This is what led to the huge discrepancy in Antrim County Michigan although Dominion claims it was human error.

During the bogus audit, Dominion employees allegedly logged into the machines and supposedly stood back. But that raises questions about the honesty of the audit and conflicts of interest.

So, in other words, Maricopa election officials never had access during the counting of the votes. Does that in any way make sense to you?

I don’t think any county that gives access away to a conflicted party should not have their votes counted.


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Using carefully worded language, Maricopa has 3 varying explanations how EAC vendors gained access:

  • “Dominion Voting Systems provides Pro V&V and SLI Compliance with the necessary passwords to audit their machines”. Maricopa’s May 17thresponse letter to AZ Senate. (Vendors say this is NOT TRUE).
  • “EAC certified firms made the necessary arrangements with Dominion to obtain the necessary security protocols to perform their audits. Maricopa Election Department letter on May 17th.
  • “VSTL’s worked directly with Dominion to access the necessary administrative security permissions to conduct their Maricopa audits”. Election Spokesperson Megan Gilbertson, in a tweet (below image).
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From The Gateway Pundit

In a recent interview for GP, the President of Pro V&V was specifically asked: Did Dominion provided user credentials or passwords to Pro V&V, Maricopa County employees, or both. Jack Cobb said “They logged in for us. We didn’t want any responsibility for the security of the 2020 election”. Contradicting the Board of Supervisors May 17th letter, Cobb said neither EAC vendor had passwords. His Field Audit Report says county employees provided access, not Dominion staff: “provided access by qualified Board of Elections Employees”.

If Maricopa is correct, then Jack Cobb’s Audit Report is wrong. It was Dominion who provided him access, not Maricopa Election employees. Their staff all seem to know each other – EAC, Dominion, SLI, Pro V&V. So is it possible to not know who’s accessing the equipment you’re auditing? However, if Jack Cobb is correct, then Maricopa has county employees who provided him Super User access. The County is not sharing that with Senate auditors.

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The republicans gave the dems a green light when they threw President Trump and anyone else who spoke of fraud, under the bus. Still happening. Now there is new funny business in elections. Just recently it was discovered that republican votes were thrown out due to, as said “human error”. The GOP has emboldened the left and it will continue till some get spine and send people to jail.

david spandikow

An inexcusable sin can be forgiven if the truth sets you free. The courts have decided to go along with the manipulated masses. Too bad for for justice. Criminals reign under satanic control.

Robert S. Pelno

The R.I.N.O. Washington Establishment are just as guilty as the Democrats for the election fraud and are election being stolen. Elitist’s Like Liz Cheney and Romney and Murkowski needed Trump to lose as much as any of the Democrats. It’s all part of the Deep state Washington Mob. The R.I,N,O,’S Scratch the dem’s backs and vise a versa

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