Disney’s streaming service puts an ‘offensive content’ alert on The Muppet Show

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Disney Corporation is a powerful culture-shaping machine, a massive grassroots marketing platform-turned Community Organizing Public relations monolith and their transformation from being pro-American to anti-Western Civilization is now complete.

“Disney’s streaming service puts an ‘offensive content’ alert on The Muppet Show and it can only be seen on an adult account: “This program includes negative depictions and/or mistreatment of people or cultures,” media reports shows.

This happens as Disney boldly and more frequently promotes alternative sexual and gender identities in their movies through subversive messaging, branding and PR.

“As the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender community becomes widely accepted throughout the world, homosexuality has been represented in a positive light more and more in media, and Disney is just one of many companies hopping aboard that train as well. Unfortunately, not every aspect of the LGBT community will be able to be represented due to a lack of characters within the Disney canon. Hopefully, in the future, there were be more representation within the company. Regardless, here are ten instances where an LGBT character was featured in a Disney production,” reports screeshot.com.


“Disney+ is warning viewers that some episodes of “The Muppet Show” feature “negative depictions” and “mistreatment of people or cultures.

The variety show, which ran for 120 episodes in the 1970s and features puppet characters interacting with celebrity guests, was added to Disney’s streaming service last week. Viewers are being shown the warning label before episodes.
It says the show “includes negative depictions and/or mistreatment of people or cultures,” adding that “these stereotypes were wrong then and are wrong now.”

An episode hosted by Johnny Cash in which the country star performs in front of the US flag and the Confederate battle flag was among the installments flagged by the service,” CNN reported.

In the video of Johnny Cash is a typical Muppets skit where Cash is accompanied by one of the Muppets main characters, a Dog who travels with Chickens.  Egg Sucking Hound is a song about a dog in a Hen House and is very funny.

The video has been there since 1981 and no one got hurt by it or even said a word, until now.  Perhaps the flag in the background is really an excuse to talk about adult topics like having sex in many different ways? Sexual identities are fancy ways of saying sexual preferences.  Why should children even be talking about that?  Because Western Civilization protects children from being sexualized, that’s why.

So the “rebel flag” is so offensive, but exploiting children sexually is not, according to Disney.

That would be my guess.

The Guardian reported, “Studio says it is acknowledging and contextualising culturally offensive material rather than cutting it”, which smacks of a humiliation focus on the “lifestyles” that Disney is opposed to, so expect that the leftist allied media and political machines will continue on with their shaming of Western Civilization until they feel people and societies have fully submitted to the power of leftist mind control.

Scott Gustin, a Disney Blogger, reported in October that Disney had been warning about the “adult content” of many of Disney’s classic favorites.

“Disney+ has added an on-screen content advisory to films that include “negative depictions and/or mistreatment of people or cultures. The message displays prior to several films including Lady and the Tramp, Jungle Book Aristocats, Dumbo, Peter Pan, and Swiss Family Robinson. There are several other films on Disney+ that will display the content advisory, but here are four examples provided by Disney “along with an explanation of some of the negative depictions in each title,” Gustin wrote.

A Reddit poster investigated:

Being a show from the late 70s/early 80s, it’s no surprise that The Muppet Show has plenty of problematic moments when it comes to its depiction of certain cultures. As a result, a number of episodes on Disney Plus start with a Content Advisory screen. So I decided to look into these episodes to find out what is problematic about them. Now these are only my personal guesses, as Disney themselves have not given specific details for these episodes. Special thanks to The Muppet Wiki for pointing out which episodes have the advisories:

Joel Grey: Most likely for the “Pachalafaka” segment.

Jim Nabors: Most likely for the “Indian Love Call” segment.

Steve Martin: Most likely for the “Gonzales and Yolanda” segment.

Peter Sellers: Most likely for the “A Gypsy’s Violin” segment.

Cleo Laine: Most likely for the “Mad Dogs and Englishmen” segment.

James Coco: Most likely for the Fortune Teller segment and maybe the “Short People” segment.

Spike Milligan: Most likely for most of the entire episode, most notably the “Oklahoma!” and “It’s a Small World” segments.

Kenny Rogers: Most likely for the Arab Muppets drilling for oil in Kenny Rogers’ dressing room subplot, and the Witch Doctor Muppet in the “Coconut” segment.

Crystal Gayle: I almost missed this one, but maybe it’s for the word “Mammy!” sung in the “Swanee” segment? It’s a reference to Al Jolson’s blackface performance in the film The Jazz Singer, and the word “Mammy” itself dates back to a stereotype of a black maid working for a white family.

Beverly Sills: Most likely for the Chinese Gorilla Muppet.

Kenny Rogers: Most likely for the segments with an Arab Muppet appearing.

Jonathan Winters: Most likely for the Jonathan Winters Native American segment, and a subplot with a Gypsy Muppet placing a curse. The Gypsy Muppet also performs the “Golden Earrings” segment.

Alan Arkin: This one is tricky, cause I’m not seeing anything terribly obvious. Maybe it’s just the inclusion of the “Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah” segment since it originated from Disney’s most controversial film, Song of the South?

James Coburn: Most likely for the “Salute to Japan” segment.

Joan Baez: Most likely for Joan Benz doing an Indian accent, after she talks about Ghandi. Maybe also for the “The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down” segment, as it is a song that sympathizes with the South during the Civil War?

Johnny Cash: Most likely for the appearance of the Confederate Flag throughout the episode. It is most noticeable during the “Riders in the Sky”, “Dirty Old Egg Sucking Dog” and “Orange Blossom Special/Jackson” segments.

Debbie Harry: Honestly, can’t even guess why this one has the disclaimer.

Wally Boag: Most likely for the “Pecos Bill” segment, which has references to Native Americans in the lyrics.

Marty Feldman: The entire episode is The Muppets’ take on the Arabian Nights, so that’s most likely why.

If there are any that I overlooked, feel free to let me know!

Edit: Added Johnny Cash. Thanks u/shinobipopcorn

Edit 2: Added Beverly Sills. Thanks u/shinobipopcorn!

Edit 3: Added Jim Nabors.

Edit 4: Added Cleo Laine.

Edit 5: Added Kenny Rogers.

Edit 6: Added Alan Arkin.

Edit 7: Added Debbie Harry.

Edit 8: Added Wally Boag and Marty Feldman.




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