DeSantis Reacts To Trump Indictment, Says ‘Florida Will Not Assist’ Extradition

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In a shocking turn of events, former President Donald Trump was indicted on Thursday by a grand jury in Manhattan. This indictment came after a long investigation by the Manhattan District Attorney, Alvin Bragg, who is backed by billionaire George Soros. The charges stemmed from a payment made to former stripper Stormy Daniels prior to the 2016 presidential election.

Responding to the indictment, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis released a statement condemning it, calling it “un-American” and “the weaponization of the legal system to advance a political agenda.” He further stated that Florida will not assist in an extradition for Trump given the “questionable circumstances” surrounding the case.

Trump Jr. was quick to criticize DeSantis, accusing him of representing “pure weakness” for not getting involved in the extradition. But DeSantis stood his ground, stating that he had “no interest in getting involved in some type of manufactured circus by some Soros DA.”

The decision to indict Trump was a controversial one, coming after the Federal Election Commission tossed its investigation into the matter in 2021 and federal prosecutors in the Southern District of New York opted out of charging him in 2019.

Trump responded to the indictment, slamming Bragg for his “obsession” with trying to “get Trump” and warning that the move to charge a former president of the United States will “backfire.”

This case is yet another example of political corruption in the Department of Justice, where prosecutors are targeting political opponents and bending the law to fit their own agenda. It’s a disturbing trend, and one that should be taken seriously by all citizens. We should all be fighting to ensure that justice is served equally, regardless of political affiliation.

The fact that a former president of the United States is facing criminal charges is a shocking development and one that should be taken seriously. No matter how you feel about Trump you have to see that this whole thing is a sad attempt to prevent him from running in 2024.




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