Dems Tremble: Officials Expecting HUGE Ballot Discrepancies in Arizona Audit

Vernon Jones, the Democrat who switched parties because of Donald Trump and who is running for governor of Georgia against Brian Kemp who is a less than enthused Republican., says that the auditors in Arizona expect a huge difference between ballots counter versus ballots cast.

The tabulation sheet in the boxes shows more votes than the boxes contain. Some by as much as 20%. The thing you need to remember this is just from one county.

Christina Bobb reported on OAN that we will likely find “substantially less” than 2.1 million ballots due to large discrepancies between the number of ballots listed and the number actually counted.

Former Georgia State Rep Vernon Jones got a tour of the Arizona facility on Wednesday. In total six or seven states have taken or will take the tour. They are down to their final three pallets of votes.

The audit should be finished by this weekend but it will be two to three weeks before their report will be released. Some states that are thinking about holding audits in their states could be waiting for the final results in Maricopa County before they pull the trigger. If one state falls, the other states can use that to justify their own audits. What happens if enough states are proven to have been stolen? That’s a little murky but Trump will not be restored to the presidency.

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It would create a constitutional crisis. A president is only removed by death, term limits, or impeachment. He won’t be impeached so what do0mthey do. It will be up to the Supreme Court to decide. I see a couple of possibilities.

The cowardly court could rule that the certification stands. That would leave Biden in power.n They could rule that a new election had to be held which would remove Biden and Harris and make Pelosi the acting president.

From The Gateway Pundit


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Six delegations: Pennsylvania, Georgia, Colorado, Alaska, Virginia and Nevada have made the pilgrimage to Arizona and are finding a way to bring this state-of-the-art process home.

On Tuesday, three delegations from Georgia, Alaska and Colorado toured the Arizona audit facility at the Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Phoenix, Arizona.

In a tweet on Wednesday, AZ State Rep. Mark Finchem called on everyone saying, “All states need to come here because insecure elections are indeed a national security threat worth fixing.”

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Jeanne Bentsen

Wait for it Liberty. You need to investigate further. Sorry.


The patriots will not let it stand with Biden in office! They will demand Biden and Harris step down and Trump be installed as president with all things that Biden changed to be reverted back to the way it was! I’m thinking senate races and house races to also be brought to an audit! Especially in Georgia!


Jerry that can’t happen under the law, but I would venture to say that if the places were reversed that would be what dems would be clamoring for with the help of fake, propaganda arm of the party.


barry1817 what law is that?

stephen knorr

yes, it can under the article 2 section4 of the constitution!


No “venture” needed; it is an absolute CERTAINTY that the Dems, with the help of their fake, propaganda arm of the party, would be clamoring for the reversal of the election and the installation of their candidate, plus the prosecution of ALL Republicans that helped to fix the election or cover it up.


The military is the ONLY way. Our military is the third most powerful entity on this planet and they will show it this time.

Christina Robleto

The people will demand that assclown & co step down immediately & Trump returned back to the WH. Jezebel will not take office, she will be eaten by the dogs.


When it is proven that Trump won you can not leave biden in office. You can not leave a lying, cheating, corrupt ahole in there.biden along with every other cheating scum bag needs to be locked up for treason. You can not let some one as corrupt as biden stay in there.


You just described the overwhelming majority of House and Senate members, plus most of the Judges in office, by referring to “lying, cheating, corrupt ahole in there with biden along with every other cheating scum bag needs to be locked up for treason”.

Albert Grounds

I believe the Supreme Court did not believe that widespread fraud took place in several States that swung the election to the Democrats. Now that the proof is coming out, they may call for new elections, however, placing Nancy Pelosi as the President is even worse than what is in there now.


We will not let that lying , alcoholic skank in office.


You just compared skanks to Pelosi. Skanks should bring a class action suit against you for defamation!


We must wait a little longer. Audit ga , az , pa , mi , mn wi and other states senate and congressional races. Once they determine that the republicans won there and are seated , the majority speaker would then be a republican. Then bring treason charges against them all from the top ( Biden ) down ( sheriff in Arizona who will soon be charged with contempt of court ). Also the pole workers that double counted or scanned same documents multiple times. Time for justice !


Agreed! But they were POLL workers, not POLE workers, which I would definitely have preferred. Maybe next election we use POLE workers; one way to bring out more voters LOL.


The Supreme Court will not do it, but our Military will.


if in faact this were to happen and pelosi were to sworn in as president then this country would go completely bonkers if they thought it was bad when they over took the White house they would not have seen any thing of the likes if in fact this were to happen , i dont think any one in this country would be able to stand the thought of Pelosi as president even for one day

Susan Meyer

flipper – I don’t think the American People would stand for Nancy being the President for one second. My opinion and I’m sticking to it!!!!!




Was it the 25 th amendment that an acting president can be unseated as not being physically or mentally capable to run this great country. Alcoholism is a physical and mental disorder that would impair her judgement. Just like getting behind the wheel of a car. Who’s next on the list ?


You ask how Trump can be installed after a duly-constituted Biden installment?

“He won’t be impeached so what do0mthey do.”
As long as Speaker Pelosi IS SITTING, you are right.

“It will be up to the Supreme Court to decide. I see a couple of possibilities.”
What the Constitution says, SCOTUS must accept verbatim. They do not decide what the Constitution is, or is not, but just render a statement concerning a law or a situation as applied, to being Constitutionally grounded. SCOTUS cannot virtuously legislate from the bench, or fabricate Constitutional rights out of the air.

But I’ll pose questions to the author,
-Can a non-Representative be installed as Speaker of the House?
-Would a Trump Speakership protect Biden from an election fraud impeachment?
-If a Biden/Harris ticket is found impeachable, and convictable in the Senate, who would as Speaker be installed in succession?


Are your eyes opening now, Mr. Ahle?


what happened in NOV is a coup !!!!! it will NOT be allowed to continue …. there is already so much going on behind the scenes that it will be glorious when it all comes out !!! those little news snippets that are not being broadcast LOUDLY ??? heads will roll if they already haven’t !!! GITMO will be filled to the max !!! those poor terrified kids that have been kidnapped are being rescued all over the earth !!!! it is all going on quietly so that the slugs in the swamp of both ”parties” can be quietly erased !!! I am NOT a conspiracy theorist !!!! I just listen, I read, I remember !! it is in the works !!!


Ah, you are truly awake! Please work hard to awaken others as they are so blinded by the media and our govt overlords. MUCH has happened and is happening behind the scenes. Many will not be able to handle the real TRUTH, so try to prepare them for it.


What happens if enough states are proven to have been stolen? That’s not murky at all, as with anyone obtaining something by theft they are arrested and tried in this case Coup and Treason! Trump will be restored to the presidency.

Ernest Watkins

If Joe Biden is a criminal then he will be arrested crimes against Humanity and money laundering, voting fraud and many other crimes, the Military has it all. President Trump is coming back, Maybe a new election with the Military watching with paper ballots no machines and massive arrest


Biden and his criminal son have already been arrested and executed. We are watching a movie. It’s hard to believe that people think that is the same guy.

Boyd Smith

IF the suspected HUGE FRAUD is proven, then PRESIDENT TRUMP (AS WELL AS A FEW SENATORS)… WILL BE REINSTATED! The writer of this article is INSANE if he thinks reinstating the duly and rightfully ELECTED President of the U.S. is MORE of a ‘Constitutional-Crisis’ THAN THE CRIMINAL, UNCONSTITUTIONAL ‘THEFT’ OF OUR ELECTION-PROCESS—-the ABSOLUTE FOUNDATION of our Constitutional Republic’s democratic Electoral-process!!
Millions of ILLEGALLY-COUNTED VOTES,… ORCHESTRATED by Enemies of the United States of America— both ‘outside’, and ‘within’ our nation,… is the GREATEST Constitutional Crisis POSSIBLE!!
It’s called asynchronous-WARFARE,…and if Biden—the Global-Left,CP,WEF ‘shill’ is allowed to stay as Pretend-ident of the USA,… then we are simply NO LONGER the USA,,…. or a Constitutional Republic!
I don’t believe there is a more severe DEFEAT of our Constitution than THAT!

Boat Gypsy



He can’t be reinstated constitutionally. It will take a new election, which will be conducted by the military.


So true about the “Constitutional crisis” we have already suffered and continue to suffer. It is truly an “existential threat” to our Constitutional Republic and our very existence as a free, just and prosperous nation, the greatest nation of all time, and indeed to our very sanity.

Mountain man

I don’t see any commie Democrat beening put on trial or taken out of office…and if you are counting on the Supreme Court you forget they make law now they are far from bringing justice to this country anymore…why in the world do you think these scum bags are so worried about your guns..because guns and airplanes are the only thing that can put a stop to their crap and you know it !!
Donald Trump could not be brought or intimidated..that scares the hell out of a commie


If fraud is proven and Biden truly is illegitimate that will create a huge can of worms. If they do make Biden and Harris step down yes that would make Pelosi the interim president with EXTREMELY limited power. The position would basically in name only until the results of the new election. Pelosi will not be able to do much more that smile and look good.

Scott F

There is no need for an “interim president”. Trump won the election, so the moment Biden is removed is the moment Trump resumes his rightful position as president. There is no need for a new election. The need is for an accurate nationwide audit of the existing legal ballots cast last November.


You are correct and that new election will be conducted by our military using block-chain technology to protect the votes.


Biden WILL BE TAKEN OUT ! The American people will not be denied.
Trump will take our country back and reverse ALL BIDENS EXEC ORDERS.


We all know, and even 30% of democrats know, the election was stolen.


Space Force has it all! The real election results show Trump getting 410 electoral votes. A new election may give him even more, but we must be patient for this to play out.

know your enemy

All those who voted but have no ballot to back up their vote should be arrested for treason


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Damn Lister. I just got arrested a second time for FRAUD after trying this again!!

Michael Ray

Major fraud will be discovered in many states, creating a crisis like this has never seen before. Republicans will demand the current administration step down, Democrats will not budge, Supreme Court does nothing and a civil war ensues. Prepare yourselves.

Mark Gravitte

It is not satisfactory to send those devilish DemonRATS to Gitmo or any other institution for that matter. In order for judgment to be fulfilled with the corrupt DemonRATS, they must all be executed. No last rites, no last meal, no last telephone call, no visitation, no mail, no contact with the outside world. Give them the choice of the firing squad, the guillotine or being burned alive. Do not put an ounce of trust in those despicable, horrid, satanic worshipping ingrates. God bless America!


if it is proven and the ruling is for a new election would Biden and Harris still be allowed to run if so this would in fact turn into the worst constitutional travisty in american history as they would be a party to the stealing of the election also so there for should not be able to run or even be on the ballot so what then or who would Trump be running against Himself?

James Shipley

we all know NOTHING will change.


Personally, I don’t think the Supreme Court will have anything to do with this. Once enough evidence is presented to overturn the election, the military will step in in an unprecedented way to hold a new national election. It’s the ONLY way.


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