Dems Squeal As Pennsylvania Ready To Begin Auditing 2020 Election Ballots

There seems to be more good news for Trump supporters regarding audits of the highly controversial and fraud-riddled 2020 Presidential election.

A delegation from Pennsylvania took a tour of the location where counting of the votes for Maricopa County, Arizona was underway and now they are leaning towards a forensic audit of their own.

Pennsylvania State Senator Doug Mastriano now says that they could be ready to start their own forensic audit of the votes in that state, although in my opinion, it is likely they could find enough votes in Philadelphia alone.

There is little doubt that Pennsylvania Governor Wolf will fight them every step of the way and other Democratic officials will likely join in.

There is ample evidence that something is amiss, and I would imagine that Democrats are sweating bullets over the thought of audits.

There is, however, a downside. If the audit is completed and enough votes are shown that President Trump did indeed win, one of two things will happen. Biden will be allowed to serve out his term, or he and Kamala will be removed and nancy Pelosi becomes acting president. Perish the thought.

The delegation from Pennsylvania consisted of State Senator Doug Mastriano, State Senator Cris Dush, and State Rep. Rob Kauffman and their staff.

First, they were briefed on what was being done, and then they were given a tour where the counting of the votes was happening. They were impressed with what Arizona is doing and they would model their recount after this process.

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From The Gateway Pundit


Facebook Finally Loses

TGP’S Jordan Conradson spoke to Pennsylvania State Senator Doug Mastriano to hear what he thinks of the historic Arizona full forensic audit.

Jordan Conradson: Can you give me a quick step-by-step of what you and other legislators from Pennsylvania did today?

Senator Doug Mastriano: Myself, Sen. Cris Dush, and Rep. Rob Kauffman met with our counterparts in The House and Senate today. They gave us the legislative perspective on this audit: why they’re doing it and how they got here. Then after that, we got a tour of the audit and they went through the process of how they protect people’s privacy, how they ensure chain of custody and how this is a free and transparent process. I gotta tell you: I’m Impressed. This is a model for any audit in any nation or the world.

Mastriano: My impression of this right here is, this is the way you do it. They’re looking at the type of paper that’s being used, they’re looking at whether circles were filled in by a machine or by hand. This is the level of technology that we should have. The takeaway for Pennsylvania and the rest of the nation is that our elections need to be secure. People should be able to walk into the ballot box thinking “my vote counted, my voice was heard”. If we got nothing to hide, Let’s do this.

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Barbara Granger

Yes! I can’t wait hear hear Arizona’s results, also.

Jeri Travis

I live in Maricopa. There reactions have said it all

Christina Robleto

This should be done for every state since this fraudulent election & if it proves that is was corrupt then Trump should be reinstated immediately and all those involved with the fraud, including Nancy Pelosi, should be removed & tried for treason & a couple de tat of a sitting president.

John R Adams

And all those involved should be sent to GETMO to await Military Tribunals for Treason and Fraud.

Lowell D Gilman



Nancy President, no, you don’t get promoted when you are proven to be complicit in treason. How about the man who ACTUALLY won stepping into the job, that makes far more sense. We voted for him, not for Nancy or Joe.

Jamie Mayham

Right? I’m starting to think Jenna Ellis runs this sham site. Mirroring our concerns and then leading us to the conclusion that the result will be fruitless thus we should give up.

Sid S

I understand the rules of Presidential succession. But, I can’t believe that would apply inna fraudulent election. More likely, the SC would decide whether or not the Speaker would assume the Presidency and if so, for how long? Would a new election be ordered? When? Under what rules? Why wouldn’t the rightful “winner” be installed as such? Who would be in charge of running the election and security?
in any event, this fall promises to be even more crazy than last!


The presidential succession would not apply under this condition because the constitution does not cover fraudulent elections. Plus it is a crime.

Jamie Mayham

You are right. And that should lead you to question who runs this sham site. Pretending to be on our side. It’s the Pied Piper, probably Jenna Ellis.

Gideon Rockwell

The Dems are going into full bore coverup and panic because any forensic audit done in good faith of the 2020 election cycle will show massive fraud on the part of the Democrats in collusion with the C.C.P. and the Iranians. The Dems criminal behavior in the 2020 election cycle makes Watergate look like a petty misdemeanor.

Bruce Frank

Not just fraud in the voting and the count, but the illegal changing of voting laws, US Constitutionally reserved to ONLY each state’s Legislature. Changes CANNOT be made by governors, state courts, or Attorney Generals.


Thanks to John Robert’s——he is a deep state player


No, Pelosi would not be put in as president. Because they are not removing just the president from office. They are removing both the president and vice president via null and void election. In fact this could result in a complete forensic audit of every state and every office that was up for a vote.


Also it would not be congress removing the two of them. It would be the STATEs that would be removing them


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James Maxwell

If a full audit is preformed and the election results change you can expect a riot and
possible civil war to break out as the Democrat Socialist and their minions will run
rampant in the streets. the other problem is if the election is reversed then that will
also effect ever other officials in both parties who either won or lost the election.
The Democrat Socialist will push for the corruption and violation of our law to be
allowed to stand and for Biden/Harris to be allowed to serve out the remainder of
their terms. This would be a travesty of justice to the voters and our legal system.
If they are removed but Nancy allowed to ascend to the Presidency it would also
be a corruption of our Legal system and reward those who were guilty of knowingly
violating out laws and legal system. The other thing is every action or Presidential
decree would be null and void not to mention criminal by law.. The riots that would
occur would drive us to civil war not to mention the effect upon Foreign actions
that would be out the window and many of our Enemies would come to the aid
of the Democrat Socialist party with arms to prevent President Trump from
returning to office as their corruption would be exposed and possible legal
actions against them if they were found complicit in the fraud. The effect would
be even further reaching as various states and their elected officials would also
be implicated by their actions of failure to insure that each states election laws
were fully and lawfully followed.


Pennsylvania had the most corrupt election. Republican watchers were forced out to prevent them from seeing all of the cheating. When will the people who broke the law and expelled them be put in jail? So many criminal acts!!


I live in central PA. I called more than 34,000 Pennsylvanians and requested that they vote, and, if they do vote, would they please consider Donald Trump. I waved Trump signs at the intersection of US Route 30 (major route), I-76 (the PA Turnpike), and I-70. Yes, these interstates all have a traffic light. It is in Breezewood, PA, where these roads intersect. I stood on an island waving Trump signs as these travelers went by swiftly, honking tractor-trailer horns, thumbs up, revving motorcycle engines (“four-more-years”). Only three vehicles were for biden. In a stretch of nine miles, I knocked on doors on both sides of PA Rt. 26, a major route in south central PA and on all the short dead-end roads that spun from Rt. 26. I volunteered at virtually all of the Trump rallies in central and western PA. I also recruited volunteers as well as helped at my local polling site. Yes, I voted for Trump! And when they robbed Trump and other officials for whom I voted of their votes and gave them to biden, it was like sticking me with knife and then twisting it 34,000 times plus! Yes, I want the forensic audit, and I would volunteer my services. We voted for Trump, etcetera, not Pelosi! Would we win through the audit just to lose the election by Pelosi being installed. How do you spell revolution?!


Good it’s about time Pa does something about the way wolf and the delusional democrats stold my family’s votes . We didn’t vote for old joe , but he still got our votes . Now how is that possible ??? Specialy if we didn’t vote for him ??? Can you say VOTERS FRAUD cause I can . Burn their ass’s for election fraud , specialy after the way they tryed to blame trump of doing that . Karma coming back to bite you in the ass for your corruption

Michael Ray

OK, that’s good. Now we have about 48 other states that need to be doing the same thing.

Judy A Zwyghuizen

We knew there was a lot of “FRAUD” taking place on the Democrat’s side PROOF is in the pudding. But we got called every name in the Book for saying this about them and called the worst names and threatened to Silence. Because they knew we were RIGHT about all their Voting Schemes


Hope for the best – prepare for the worst.
The best – states de-certify the last presidential and below election.
The worst – much talk and smoke – no fire.
States should disobey corrupt stolen federal authority.
It’s too early for secession because WE ARE THE MAJORITY.

Let’s hang in and roll.

Mark Gravitte

Great. President Trump will be back in the White House by August 2021. Folks, we will have to have a reset at some point. Those corrupt DemonRATS are entrenched, very well entrenched. They have been corrupted by years of greed, all over money. Money, the root to all evil. It rains on the good just as it does the evil. Just take a few steps back and watch these demons implode. It will be a wonderful sight to behold and the world will be a better and less corrupt place to live.

art cross

it is writen in to law if foreign interfearance in our election is detected our military has the right and duty to assume control under marshal law to save the union massive interfearence by our communist enemy has happened


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Doug Billings had on his show the Right Side an ex army intelligence officer who shows the statistics on how PA and other states cheated. He shows how 60 of 67 PA counties registered as GOPs but only 20 counties voted GOP in the election: impossible! He shows just four counties where the number of votes taken from Trump would be enough to flip the state from Biden, and there are 63 other states yet to check!


I meant 63 other counties in the state!


The rats are starting to run – continue audits, discover the truth, and prosecute anyone involved in criminal activity.


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Bruce Baker

I have been saying since the second week of November 2020… if Biden actually won, no proper audit or proper recount will reverse that fact, but Dems have refused to listen to Poll Watchers, or to do a forensic audit, until now. Here we are, June of 2021, and just now, we are doing that forensic audit to REMOVE spoiled votes, Fake votes? Come on man, where is Legality of this 2020 election if we can’t follow the law and count Legal Registered USA Citizens who voted? What we do find… Biden Did NOT WIN… he was installed like a dictator in some third world nation as Nazi Fascist Socialist Democrats whine and cry… they won? Sorry, but No Audit should ever reveal Biden Lost… IF he had won… LEGALLY???


Democraps will do as they are doing in Arizona. They will sue and most importantly they will have their Puppets the MORON MEDIA, FAKE Republicans, and RINOS to LIE for them as well.


Who would ever believe in a vote audit that was conducted by the very same people that committed the voter fraud? If the Governor tries to stop the new and independent vote audit, then he should be asked that very same question.

Joann Holmes

We can only pray that these states do a audit and then people will have the proof that the DEMORATS stole the 2020 election not only from President Trump but all the other republicans that ran and lost by small margins. Dems are the most corrupt people walking this earth they are worst than the mafia, hell they probably started the mafia beside that they are all COMMUNISTS. If they hate this country so much why in hell would they want to be associated with our government or the country. They all belong in prison.


Only one reason they cry about it … they lied and cheated to win . If they won fair and square like they say they did , they would be jumping at the chance to throw it in trumps face to shut him up once and for all . They waisted millons trying to get rid of him and here’s a chance for them to shut him up and get rid of him . But you can see what they do instead … cry me a river … cause their afraid you will fine out the truth once and for all . And it will be them packing and leaving instead of trump . They stold my vote in Pa so they really need to fix that . Don’t blame me , I voted for trump


I saw right on my T.V. The numbers for Trump running backwards and at the same time the numbers for pervert Joe by the same amount running forwards and I saw the same thing in the Georgia senate races…all of America saw the same thing…so the next time you get a e-mail by either GOP or DNC asking for money do yourself a favor and never forget this so-called election…people…they are not going to allow you to decide anything..just like Virginia I can already tell you what scum bag will be installed as governor..Terry Mcaulitte..wait and see..I mean think about it..the two worst candidates for the democrats get elected ? Wow !

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