Democrats Disturbing Plan To Use F-15s On US Citizens Leaks

Don’t look now but … we told you so!

California Democrats are among the most authoritarian tyrants the United States has ever had to deal with.  It’s not just their state government either.

Do you remember when the smarmy Eric Swalwell suggested that the federal government would use nuclear weapons against United States citizens who refused to turn in their means to defend themselves?


Well, it’s not just gun owners that Democrats want to use the United States military against, it’s anyone who dares to protest the draconian lockdowns too.  What kind of ‘leader’ even thinks about using the military’s freakin’ fighter jets to threaten citizens?

Keep in mind these are the same people who are oh so livid that some states are making it a crime to riot and block traffic …

If you have not realized what is going on yet, WAKE UP! This is a Marxist take over of our country!

Fox News reports:

‘California National Guard members say a fighter jet was put on standby for a “possible domestic mission” last year, raising concerns that the military could be used to disperse protesters in the early days of the coronavirus pandemic, according to a report.

Four National Guard sources spoke to the Los Angeles Times about the matter, revealing that commanders were concerned about resistance to stay-at-home orders or chaos due to panic-buying.

According to the sources, an F-15C fighter was put on alert, which raised concerns among Guard members that the jet could be used to “buzz” crowds — a tactic often used in combat zones to disperse the enemy.

The orders were allegedly handed down orally or through text messages rather than formally in writing, which made them highly unusual, the sources told the Times. The Guard members described such a tactic as an “inappropriate” use of military force against U.S. citizens.

“It would have been a completely illegal order that disgraced the military,” one source told the Times. “It could look like we’re threatening civilians.”

“That’s something that would happen in the Soviet Union,” said a second of the Times’ sources, who spoke on condition of anonymity because they feared retaliation from superiors. “Our military is used to combat foreign aggressors.”

The California National Guard did not return Fox News’ request for comment.’

Right now this story sounds absurd … in a few years I predict we will be wishing we could go back to a time where the military was not killing American civilians.  To be clear, I do not think most military men and women would engage in such activity, but it worries me that the Biden regime’s purge of conservative from the military and embracing of BLM and other radical Marxist movements will pave the way for kinetic, domestic actions against US citizens.

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Yes, I know that sounds crazy … but so did the idea of California considering using fighter jets on US citizens … until today.

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Maybe, Biden and his “Administration”, need to meet a .50 cal round

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Scott Benson

Why Jade. Just why?

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The American communist party/democrats are no different than Putin’s pinheads or Castro’s kooks. Scum is always scum.


Not so crazy the military would be used on civilians. Nancy is off the rails and drunk with power. Her stooge, Milley is itching to shoot something and use his power. The Democrats, who are now Marxist –don’t fall for that socialist crap. Berniie, the Squad, and BLM/Antifa are all hardened Marxists., They just think we are stupid and won’t believe it. If you look around the whole world is in upheaval.Cuba, Hong Kong, Myanmar, and Taiwan are fighting off Global Marxist takeover, just as we are. The European Union is falling apart with Biden willing to prop up Merkel and her new million Muslim population but turning a deaf ear to Cuba. Who could be the new leaders and our new masters? Bernie/Biden, Marxism. Putin and China, Communism. Soros, Global Marxism. I hope not. America has to be the one light left on the planet to show whoever is out there that here lives freedom.


Dream on Grace. The country is lost because every white person is scared shitless of being called a racist. It is ONLY white supremacy that could take this country back. And Americans lack the guts, the fortitude. They are cowards.

Sandra Lee Smith

Not “every white person”!


Patriots of all colors and races will take it back.


Nothing the Democraps do or consider doing surprises me. Intimidation and control of a nation may even require them to nuke a white city in a white state. Do you think it couldn’t happen in this NWO totalitarian socialist state? They never plan on giving the country back to the people.

Michael Ray

I fear the authors predictions will come to fruition – soon. What really angers me is, the government would be willing to use military force against US citizens, but welcomes the invasion from the south. Odd, isn’t it?


how they going to use F15 when they cant fly 100 mile with out breaking down and no parts


Would like to point out to liberal politicians, it’s NOT your sons and daughters that are flying those jets and serving in the military, they are MINE! You have the audacity to think that they will be turning on US and not YOU if you start this civil war?


I have 2 sons in the military! 100% AGREED!!!


There is nothing beneath them, no level they won’t stoop to, or line they won’t cross, so I do not put anything past these Socialist Democratzi’s.


You are very spot on people need to wake up fast as to how evil these people are they will not stop until we stop them and I am NOT talking about the puppets…. It’s what is behind them they will just start all over again you have to go after the top and kill it BLACK ROCK OWNS IT ALL The federal reserve you name it and this the same company buying up single family home like they are hot cakes. Goes with the great reset they are setting the stage you will rent everything own nothing this and one other global company owns the WORLD do you all get It Don’t be leave me go look it is true and much much more

Sandra Lee Smith

15yrs ago, getting our military to attack us would not have possible, but after the purges, & the constant ideological barrages going on in the military all that time, alike have dramatically altered that. Beyond that, few really understand the Constitution, to which they took oaths.


The Constitution is a piece of paper. Patriotism is blood and grit!

Paper will not save you. Patriotism will.


The pilot likely would have buzzed his father below giving him the finger.

Anonym Ous

Should they elect to do anything like that, I have my suspicions that there wouldn’t be a Democrat politician at any level that could consider themselves safe. And that probably would include all their families and relatives.
I doubt there are enough F-15’s in service that could stop it, either. Moreover, I doubt such would never happen because although Biden would have to issue such an order, and that order would have to go ‘down through the ranks’, to those expected to carry it out. And I further suspect that most, if not all, of those given such orders would rightfully dismiss them as illegal. The US Military can not, by law, be used within the Nation’s borders. So Biden’s order would be illegal to begin with.
Besides, I’m guessing that the greatest part of the military are NOT on Biden’s side in much of anything, let alone obeying such an asinine (and treasonous) order.


Since when does JelloJoe, or any of the dumbasses controlling him, follow ANY laws?! Their ALL goin down…lol has all the TRUTH from covid-19, vaccines and what Arizona knows and needs the routers to confirm the “packets” for Maricopa county. ALL OF THE PACKET CAPTURES (PCAPS) FROM THE 2020 ELECTION WILL BE EXPOSED AUGUST 10 11 12!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA!

download (1).jpg
Oxnix Zittsquish lll

I wonder what % of everything they say is psy ops BS? Then there is them being delusional at the msm level. Right off the top they lie about their numbers because they can’t win a honest election even with dead voters submitting ballots not to mention stuffing the boxes and ballots disappearing…etc. Being pathological chronic liars any mention of true reality they immediately trigger with a emotional lie like a 14 year old air head ditz. And there is way too much proven evidence of what their mindset is to need to hear any more. Like once it’s known it’s a tumor one does not need to know any more about it that it has to be cut out and disposed of properly. IMO


Seems a bit far fetched but one never knows in this breakneck speed slip into a banana republic that we are undergoing


Biden himself has said he has F-15s and Nukes. I guess he was talking about using them in California first.


Any civilian population who will tolerate their own military’s use of such weapons on civilians abroad, will eventually see those weapons turned on themselves.

Nancy J

If you are still on the side of the Demoncraps, read this whole article, then decide if you really want to stay there or not. What if they send fighter planes over your loved ones neighborhood. Would that sit well with you??

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