Dems In Trouble, ‘Face The Nation’ Focus Group Just Proved It, Shocked The Host [Video]

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Democrats are screwed for this midterm. You don’t have to take my word for it, just look at what happened during this “Face the Nation” focus group featuring a Republican, Democrat, and an independent. The group quickly realized that they share all of the same concerns.

Usually, a group like this would turn into a heated debate but this time, under this administration, the group flipped the script and turned on Dems over ‘woke culture’, crime, and inflation.

Even the host, Margaret Brennan, was shocked saying, “Often, when we do these focus groups, we have people from different parties disagree with each other, but I’m hearing a lot of you echo the same concerns and agreeing with each other.”

A “Face the Nation” focus group featuring a Republican, Democrat and an independent unanimously agreed that “woke culture” has become a prime concern for parents raising children in America.

In a segment called “Eye on America: Election Influencers,” CBS host Margaret Brennan asked a group of parents to get candid about the issues they’ll prioritize when voting and their struggles raising kids in a post-pandemic era.

John, a Texas Republican, cited the “woke” overhaul of U.S. education as a key issue for parents.

“The whole woke culture affecting our children, all these elementary, middle schools having woke culture pushed on them from the LGBTQ+ community for sexual identify and gender. We should be pushing the actual school studies. Math, social studies, science,” he said. “Not gender studies.”

Lashawn, an Illinois Democrat and mother of eight, largely agreed.

“I can agree with some of his points,” she said. “I will say sex education, I feel like some things are brought to the children’s attention they wouldn’t even think about.”

“Children are really influenced,” she continued. “You can teach them one thing at home, but when they go to school, they’re just as much influenced by their teachers and their surroundings.”

Lashawn said parents should have more of a say over what children are taught.

Stephanie, an independent from Arkansas, also agreed, spotlighting the struggles children are facing as they get back in their classrooms after extended school closures.

Later in the segment, Lashawn took aim at leaders in her own party for putting the needs of illegal migrants before Americans with misguided open border policies.

“I mean, there’s nothing wrong with helping, but we have more problems here in our country. I feel like there is so much focus on helping immigrants and not enough focus on the people here that might need assistance.”

Lashawn said she holds both Washington and local leaders accountable.

“It’s everybody, Washington, the mayor. They help who they want, certain groups of people,” she said.

John echoed a similar sentiment, adding that he believes Texas Gov. Greg Abbott should have more control over border policies that directly impact his state.

Heading into the midterms, Lashawn said her main concern is how candidates plan to tackle crime in her hometown.

“I want to know exactly what they’re going do about this because it’s out of control in Chicago,” she said.

Brennan ten asked if they felt hopeful about America’s future if things continue on, and the group all said no.


Democrats, like Nancy Pelosi, have said that they’re still optimistic but that’s due to the fact that they’re not listening to voters. It’s a common issue with the party and this year, it will be their downfall.




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