There are now three things in life that you can count on: Death, taxes, and Democrats cheating in elections.

It turns out that Democrat Super PACs are posing as Republicans while spending millions of dollars in Nevada’s Republican gubernatorial primary to try to block former President Donald Trump’s endorsed pick, Joe Lombardo, from winning the nomination.

I saw plenty of Democrat ads posing as Republicans on YouTube during the Pennsylvania primary last week. You could tell what they were, immediately because the actors in the ads looked exactly what Democrats think Republican voters look like and they were way off as usual. The ads were against the Trump-endorsed candidate Dr. Oz because Democrats believe Oz is the only Republican who can beat the progressive leftist lunatic John Fetterman for the US Senate seat up for grabs.

And this party tells us there’s no voter fraud? In a fair election where there is no voter fraud, the Republican usually wins. That’s why they cheat.

Clark County Sheriff Lombardo, who recently got a Trump endorsement, is now ahead by 20 points in the Nevada GOP gubernatorial primary with less than a month to go for Nevada’s June 14 primary election, according to a recent “Nevada Independent/OH Predictive Insights” poll, Trump said, “As Governor, Joe will fiercely Protect our under-siege Second Amendment, Oppose Sanctuary Cities, Support our Law Enforcement, Veto any Liberal Tax Increase, Protect Life, and Secure our Elections. Joe Lombardo is the leader Nevada needs, and he has my Complete and Total Endorsement for Governor!”

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Results of the poll, that was conducted between May 10-12, show that Lombardo has a strong 20-point lead over the closest opponent, Reno attorney Joey Gilbert with Lombardo at 35% and Gilbert at 15%.

Democrats are possibly breaking the law by using radical methods that could be construed as fraud to stop Lombardo from getting the nomination, hoping to boost weaker candidates they believe will be easier to beat in the general election come November.

They did a similar thing in Pennsylvania when Democrats supported Doug Mastriano for governor, but the thing is, Mastriano got Trump’s endorsement.

A group called “A Stronger Nevada” is one of several newly-registered Super PACs that Democrats are using to interfere in the Republican primary. That PAC has vowed to spend $2.1 million in Lombardo attack ads ahead of the June primary.

This PAC has zero social media presence. It doesn’t even have a website, and allegedly is linked to the Democrat Governors Association. Two Democrat operatives (scumbags) Andrew Whalen and Jillian Edelman, are the PACs officers. And it isn’t the only Super PAC posing as Republicans to launch huge ad campaigns against Lombardo.

Another fake Republican PAC, Patriot Freedom Fund, run by the progressive anti-Second Amendment Nevada Assemblywoman Sandra Jauregui’s husband, Truman Fleming, the only listed officer. This group sends mailers to Nevada Republicans spreading lies about Lombardo being weak on gun rights, asking voters to pick anyone but him.

Taylor Budowich, a Trump spokesman, told Breitbart news that Democrats are pulling these moves because they are panicking over the Trump-endorsed candidate defeating their radical candidate.

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Budowich said, “President Trump endorsed Sheriff Joe because he is the strongest America First conservative in the race to defeat Nevada’s anti-freedom radical Democrat Governor Steve Sisolak. It’s no surprise that Democrats are trying to interfere in a Republican primary, because they know they have no shot at defeating a Trump-backed candidate in November. Unfortunately for the Democrats and RINOs, President Trump’s endorsed candidate for governor will overcome these dirty tricks and win both the primary and the general election in landslides.”

These two PACs are just part of a bigger nationwide Democrat strategy of tampering with Republican primary elections ahead of the November midterm elections. It’s the perfect picture of desperation because polls and history indicate that the Democrats are going to take a beating in the midterms, that is, if the Democrats allow the country to have free and fair elections again.

This whole practice should be illegal. Tell everyone you know that the Democrats are already cheating in the 2020 midterm elections.

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Andrea S. Brown



I am blocking Liberty One because of their failure to block all the make money online scam posts in the comment section which ruins any political discussion.

Tim Shep

I’m with you Mark these money scammers need to be removed.


The Dems can’t win unless they cheat.


I agree, and said the same thing. But they still get into the office they cheated to get into.




Here in Illinois the Democrat party is basically advertising for a RINO to become Governor of Illinois. At the end of this phony message is a statement stating it was paid for by the Democrat Governors Association. Right there and then anything that’s paid for, talked about a RINO/ Republican by a Democrat Organization should be immediately disbelieved.


I’m in Pittsburgh, and I got slammed with these in the last two weeks. All I did was read the fine print about WHO paid for the ads. LIBERAL orgs, ALL! More trash that week!

Trebor Retsbew

Why would anyone actually think that Democrats have to cheat, when the proven fact is that Registered Democrats outnumber Registered Republicans by over 13 MILLION voters and in only 12 states do Registered Republicans outnumber Registered Democrats. This has been around for centuries when any team sport or political looses, there are always some saying they were cheating that’s how they won by cheating, the same was true in the 2020 election when Trump was saying his rallies drew 10s of thousands and Biden’s only drew few. when the fact is it is not how many supporters who show up it is how many actually vote in an election.


How many of the 13 million are alive, registered in 2 States, etc.


Enough that democrats would NEVER win an election without them.


Not true if you count the illegal votes from illegals, dead people, people who voted twice, and ballots filled out by the democrats who bought those ballots from China. Without these fraudulent “votes”, the democrats did not cheat, but they did lose!


This is hardly a surprise. Don’t say red wave unless you have a plan to stop Dem cheating.

Charles Newman

Democrat cheating will never be stopped, but it can be limited and it can be out-voted.

Charles Newman

When was the last time there was a free and fair election? Republicans win when their margin of victory is greater than the margin of fraud. That’s why not voting because you think the process is rigged is STUPID!!


Why should we expect anything different from the democrats than what we have seen before? Lying, cheating, stealing, and killing, it is in their DNA to do so…


Your description is right on but also applies to most male Mexicans…those born in Mexico and those born here. There is no difference.

THX 1138

The Democrats cheated during the 2016 Election process; the Democrats cheated during the 2018 Mid-term Election process; the Democrats cheated during the 2020 Primaries and General Elections process.

In each and every circumstance, either minimal or no consequence punishments were ever doled out. And even if there were punishments, they were either not enough to fit the crime and/or not even brought to the attention of the public simply because the MSM gave it miniscule airtime or just didn’t bother to cover it at all.

With all of this, why would the Democrats not cheat in future contests when they already know ahead of time that there will be next to no punishments, if any at all, coming down the pike for them?

The true irony of all of this is that the Democrats have been at this thing called fraud/cheating, perfecting their techniques, since the beginning of their Party’s formation all the way back to 1828.
So all I ask is; when is enough enough? When have We The People of this country had enough of the Democrat Party, their cheating and their fraud?
If there were ever a political party that needed to be defunded, dismantled and dissolved, it’s the Democrat Party.


I call the democrats the “disposables.” I’d rather be a “deplorable” because every one democrats deplore is a good citizen.


This is nor surprising about the democRATS cheating. they are always doing it. Wish I had know it many many years ago and I would not have voted for any of them. I stopped when obama was campaigning. When he said he wanted to fundamentally change America, I didn’t know what he meant and I didn’t like it, so I switched parties.

L SHamus McQuade

The Democrats are all rat bastards today’s Democratic party’s not the party of long ago they’re just typical American brats, who will do anything and I mean anything to gain power money and their quest to be a career politician. They have no conscience, morals or values. Their actions prove this.

Big Ed

A Democrat believes that the only entities capable of getting something right is another Democrat. Hell, Pelosi and Biden both believe even God can’t get it right, He mistakenly believes abortion and homosexual marriage are wrong. Good Democrats will tell you that winning elections is the only important thing and that doing anything required to win is acceptable-even cheating (God got that one wrong, too). Cheating, of course, is against the law, but Democrats cheated like the devil in 2020 and there are mountains of evidence that they did but there were no consequences, so is it actually against the law? Count on them to cheat as much as needed, before, during and after the elections.


Political ads used to be followed by the candidate stating that they were the candidate and they approved this ad. Why has that been dropped? It’s obvious the ads that Democrats do as if they were speaking for the Republican are very misleading.


A democrat is someone who stands there in front of us, with a cat’s tail hanging out her/his mouth and tells us YOU ate the cat. Cackle, cackle.


Every time an illegal crosses our border, the democrats cheat by one more vote. Every time there’s an election, democrats cheat by millions of votes. And in every additional election, democrats cheat with new and improved methods. They must be so proud – of themselves – when they get away with it. Shall we say “Never again”, again? or “Gotcha”?


The real purpose of democrats’ fake PACS is to steal donations meant for the Republican.



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