Dems Push Bill Forcing All States to Count Ballots Received 10 Days After an Election

Democrats have no shame. If they can’t get you to vote for them, then they try to force into every type of scheme there is that will allow them to cheat their way into office. The biggie has always been mail-in voting. But that comes with a bit of a problem inasmuch as they have no i9dea how many votes they need to manufacture on election night. That is why they have now offered a bill that would require all states to continue counting ballots that come in 10 days after the election.

If you are a Democrat this makes perfect sense. Do you have any idea how long it took them last year to change the dates on late ballots? And in the middle of the night no less. Why that’s time and a half. They also are trying to make ballot harvesting legal, checking IDs illegal, and of course the new two-line ballot. You’ve never heard of that? That ballot is a two-choice ballot.

#1 I want to vote a straight Democratic ticket.

#2 I want to appear in front of a firing squad tomorrow morning.

Please choose just one.

Dienekes’ Place reported::

Long before they crippled our economy, killed small businesses and locked everyone into their homes, Democrats have been pushing voting by mail. Here’s the proof…

In January 2019, a full year before Americans had ever heard of COVID19, the Democrats in Washington introduced the Vote By Mail Act of 2019—a bill to “to allow all eligible voters to vote by mail in Federal elections.”

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You can read it here.

Regardless of what Democrats are saying today, their “Vote By Mail” scheme has nothing to do with the China virus, and everything to do with power.

The Pelosi Democrats in their first move after taking control of the US House was to pass HR 1 the “For the People Act.”


Facebook Finally Loses

The bill allowed Democrats to harvest ballots from old people in nursing homes, a criminal act in most states, and allowed foreigners to vote in US elections.

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Bonnie Kociuruba

I’m speachless. These corruptocrats have no scrupples whatsoever! I truly believe this fraudulant election happened for a reason. To expose them for what they truly are. People were warned before the election and thought WE were the crazy ones! And now what we warned about is coming to fruition!


Is this Satire? <@@>

Lynne Wells

It was introduced, not passed. Contact your senators and tell them not to pass it.


Scum de scum, scum at work.


6.7% vote flip at 12:31 am by internet . Some guy was watching vote count online and then used internet to make the machines flip votes to democrazie.

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