Democrats Move To Criminalize Sex

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Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf will go down in history as the Keystone State’s worst tyrant to serve as governor after the draconian COVID lockdowns and other mandates that he himself violated. He went so authoritarian that the state legislature voted to remove his COVID-19 Emergency Declaration powers. Wolf vetoed the bill, of course.

But the PA governor has outdone himself now. Wolf announced legislation he claims is an attempt to reduce sexual assaults on college and university campuses.

The package includes four bills that would do the following:

Enact a “yes means yes” law that requires all postsecondary institutions to have policies with clear standards of what is and is not consent.

Strengthen protections for victims of on-campus crime by requiring the schools to inform victims of their rights and services and to provide protective accommodations or protective measures, if requested by the victim.

Teach middle and high school students to know and prevent dating violence, sexual assault, sexual harassment and stalking.

Create a task force to study sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence and stalking in grades 6-12 and postsecondary institutions.

“We can’t live in a society where many of us – a huge percentage of us – just feel unsafe. And sexual violence, sexual assault is something that makes our children feel unsafe,” Wolf said.

Sometimes I think Democrat politicians sit around trying to figure out how they can come up with policies and legislation that sound flowery giving the impression they want to do the right thing, which usually has the potential for Democrat abuse, just so that Republicans would argue against it. They would use the opposition’s arguments to build a false case against them politically. In this case, Republicans would be against such a ridiculous package of bills by pointing out it is a huge government intrusion into privacy and would do nothing to ease the “he said”/”she said” situation. That’s when the Democrats would respond by saying the Republicans don’t want to stop sexual assault on college campuses.

Whatever happened to the argument “keep the government out of the bedroom” that we heard ad nauseam for decades from the Politically Correct Death Squad abortion industry?

One item I didn’t see mentioned is to teach female students that such laws must not be used as weapons by accusing innocent male students of sexual assault. I mention this because there are so many cases of sexual assault hoaxes on college campuses that have ruined many students’ lives. Many male students falsely accused of sexual assault on college campuses find that they have lost all due process rights via school policies that don’t allow them to tell their side of the story or face their accuser and have had their entire college education derailed.

We already have laws against sexual assault. Tucker Carlson’s take is short of forcing college students to videotape their sexual encounters and email them to Tom Wolf so he can view them to make sure Pennsylvania’s students are protected, a law without enforcement is nothing but a suggestion. These bills will do nothing to stop sexual assault. I reached out to the governor’s office to ask if this was a per thrust rule and the person hung up on me.

To be clear, if a person sexually assaults someone on a college campus or anywhere else, they should be buried under the prison, but these types of laws in the past have proven to be used as a weapon by vindictive students to hurt someone who is completely innocent. There should be penalties for when it is clearly proven that the person filed false allegations. To not do so dilutes the seriousness of real cases of sexual assault and we don’t need that.

Governor Wolf said he’s hopeful the Republican-controlled legislature will act quickly on the bills. Good luck with that. The Republicans have no reason to trust Wolf. I believe he will take their arguments and add them to a phony talking points list of how Republicans don’t want to protect women when it is Democrats who don’t care about protecting women. How can you claim you want to protect women when you support men putting on dresses and going into women’s restrooms and men in sports bras dominating girl’s sports?

Here is Tucker Carlson’s take.




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