More evidence that members of the Democratic party are corrupt and evil.

While running for President Hillary Clinton received many donations and in hindsight, some of those donations came in from some very unsavory organizations. is one of those unsavory organizations. is well known for placing adult only advertisements in the back of trashy magazines.

After creating the organization the founders developed an algorithm in order to make appropriate titles for the advertisments. This means they knowingly alter titles that promote child sex trafficking in order to avoid legal problems while still making money off of the clearly inappropriate clients. Now reports suggest this organization sent $90,000 to the Democratic party in Colorado.

Via Patriot Hangout:

The lawyer for two of the founders of the website acknowledges the guilt of his clients and in a recent court filing that stated that “indictments may issue anytime.”

The court heard how the website developed software that would systematically edit ads appearing in publications. They deleted keywords used in prostitution and child trafficking to “clean up” the ads before publication. would accept ads from child sex traffickers and would edit the ads for them removing terms such as, “barely legal,” “cheerleader,” and “Lolita.” These are all terms that denote child prostitute in the john community.

Four of the executives of the sex trafficking websites and their wives all donated the maximum amount to the Colorado Senate Victory Fund giving almost $90,000 between them.

It is unlikely that the Colorado Dems will return the $90,000. Local liberal newspapers are already defending the executives claiming they are not responsible for what third parties place on their website. The liberals take no issue with the website editing the ads to help child pimps slip under the radar of law enforcement.

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Of course, liberals will defend this just as they defend any wrongdoing rather than taking responsibility. No, it’s not their fault that third parties want to place shameful advertisements in magazines. But not taking responsibility for changing the titles so you can still publish it and make some money is completely immoral.

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