Democrat Debacle; Charlotte North Carolina Has Run Out Of Liquor

Governor Democrat Roy Cooper has been a leading radical leftist on the National stage with numerous high profile power grabs over the residents of North Carolina, leading the Democrat Party in a Never Trump haze of hatred, pushing for oppressive shutdowns of small business and harassing people with diabolical face mandates, even pestering children at school- and now he is really going to annoy people; The state is running out of spirits.


Key Point: Charlotte was the hand-selected location for the 2020 Republican Convention, and it was Democrat Roy Cooper who single-handedly prevented the “Queen City” from holding the event, which would have brought revenue pouring into the area and the small businesses there. Now Cooper’s agenda for pandemic domination has punished the city further with his shutdown orders and his demands to keep people from working.

The left will claim it is something else, they will come up with a bunch of reasons why it is not “King Cooper” to blame. But Cooper runs this state with an iron fist. The buck and the last call stops with him. He is to blame.

There is a labor shortage in North Carolina, explaining why no one is around to take care of the Liquor business.

Remember, Cooper, who refuses to let go of his magical “emergency powers,” wants people to stay home- perhaps forever; in fact, he wants people to not work on anything at all. In addition, North Carolina is in good part still under massive lockdowns with restrictions on freedoms and liberties due to the “pandemic”.

Recently Cooper vetoed a bill that would have given people incentive to go back to work.


Restaurants and bars in North Carolina’s largest city are scrambling to find popular brands of alcohol that have been depleted by supply chain issues and worker shortages.

During a recent meeting of N.C. Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission chairman Zander Guy Jr. began by addressing the liquor shortage, which is being felt statewide, The Charlotte Observer reported.

“We all are experiencing the supply and demand shortage, and hopefully that will resolve itself in time,” Guy said. The ABC Commission is in contact with suppliers to ensure products are in stock and help local ABC boards find solutions to product issues, said commission spokesman Jeff Strickland.“Broadly speaking, there have been strains on the global supply chains of a variety of products throughout the entire pandemic, and not just here in North Carolina,” Strickland said. “Many businesses have reopened over recent months, creating additional demand as well.”

Bars in North Carolina were allowed to reopen on Feb. 26 after being ordered closed nearly a year ago, and late-night alcohol curfews also were lifted then. All COVID-19 restrictions, including capacity limits at restaurants and other retailers, were lifted in May.

Last year, ABC stores saw a nearly 30% jump in sales compared to 2019 as more people stocked up at home. But as more restaurants and bars have reopened, demand is up for spirits.

Across the border in South Carolina, there’s no such problem, the newspaper reported.

“We don’t have a shortage at the moment,” said Josh Martin, assistant manager at a liquor store in Lake Wylie, South Carolina.


Carolina Journal reported on what is happening in North Carolina and how Cooper is to blame for massive state problems in their recent article:

“Governor vetoes ‘Putting N.C. Back to Work Act’ A poll found that 61% of North Carolina voters supported ending the federal unemployment supplement.”

Donna King wrote:

“Gov. Roy Cooper vetoed a bill Friday that would have ended $300 in extra weekly federal unemployment benefits in North Carolina. The bill also would have tightened job search requirements to continue collecting unemployment.
North Carolina would have joined 25 other states in cutting off the federal unemployment supplement. Other states have cited labor shortages as the reason for ending federal benefits.

Senate Bill 116, “Putting North Carolina Back to Work Act,” passed the Senate with a vote of 26-22 and the House by 66-44. Three Democrats voted in favor of it in the House, and none in the Senate.”

The left will try to cover for Cooper and his obsession to control people, but North Carolina, who used to be first in freedom, is now leading in misery. And now there is a labor shortage, and the “Queen City” is running of good times.  Cooper mysteriously won re-election in a state that went “red” almost everywhere else.


Further Reading:

North Carolina Went Historically Red Except for the Far Left Radical Governor Roy Cooper

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I dislike Governor Cooper. I wish he was gone from office matter or fact. He has ruined my state.

Country Boy

Fuck Roy Cooper. He’s a lying SOB. I know from personal experience he is a lying bastard.


Let this be a lesson to people, be careful who you put in power over you! Also, get your legislature to remove these emergency powers asap.


Every population center has its good and bad people, and not all of them adhere to the same political bent. Yes, there are racist “conservatives” just like there are racist “liberals”, but neither is following the tenets of their professed political outlook. Being conservative these days does not have anything to do with race, nor does being liberal today have anythihng to do with universal free speech. Nowadays, those who claim the liberal mantle only want free speech for leftists who want to tear down everything thought of or created before 1970, regardless of if it is sensible, liberal, historical, or positive for the people. Conservatives these days do not want to limit freedoms and privileges to the males of white race, but neither do they want to erase women from the public square by replacing them with those who claim to be women but were born men. Everything that was before is now mixed and misinterpreted and mis-labeled.

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