Here is a PERFECT Explanation About the Difference Between Democrats and Republicans

Although I have always sided with the right, at one point a lot of the people I hung out with thought it was ‘cool’ being a Democrat, and I didn’t mind some of their opinions (as long as they kept them to themselves.)

That was ALL before they went off on the deep end and started to erase genders, silence free speech, reward slothful behavior, and set fires across our cities because we want to vet immigrants..
In case 2016-2017 hasn’t made it completely clear there is a world of difference between Democrats and Republicans..then you may have been in hibernation for the last few years. We conservatives understand what we are and what we are not, but articulating that difference for the “politically impaired” can be a bit more challenging than one might think.
With that said, there is a quiz help sort out the political identity confusion and help you discover whether or not you’re a liberal or conservative.

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