Democrat Rep Rashida Tlaib Calls for ‘No More Policing, Incarceration’

Democratic Rep Rashida Tlaib is calling for an end to policing and incarceration of criminals in a bid to reach out to the Democratic base. She was reacting to the shooting death of Daunte Wright, who broke free during his arrest on an outstanding warrant and tried to make a getaway.

There is some question as to whether the shooting of Wright was justified or not. I won’t render an opinion until all the facts are in.

Tlaib has a long history of siding with criminals in policing matters and her opinion is jaded because of that fact. But imagine a world where there are no police and no one ever goes to prison.

There would be nothing to deter criminals from stepping up the number of crimes they commit since there would be no consequences if they are caught. Especially after the Democrats seize guns owned by law-abiding citizens for protection.

Tlaib said:

“It wasn’t an accident. Policing in our country is inherently & intentionally racist.”

“Daunte Wright was met with aggression & violence. I am done with those who condone government-funded murder.”

Tlaib doesn’t even consider Wright responsible at all for the4 incident. Did the cop commit the crime Wright was wanted for? Did the police try to arrest Wright peacefully or did they come out shooting? They tried to arrest him and it was his decision to try to break free and flee in his car. So, even if the cop acted badly, Wright did participate in the tragedy that ended his life, regardless of what the female cop did.

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From Breitbart News


Tlaib then went one step further with her frustration and called for an end to “policing” in America, claiming the institutions across America “can’t be reformed.”

“No more policing, incarceration, and militarization,” Tlaib concluded in her tweet. “It can’t be reformed.”

Tlaib also retweeted a tweet to her page that mocked the “accidental” death of Wright, which stated, “You spelled murder wrong again.”

According to reports, Wright was allegedly taking off in his car after an attempt to arrest him when one officer at the scene shot him. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

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What part doesn’t she care to know about, you do the crime, you suffer the consequences, someone should explain to the black people that running is not allowed, so suck it up and take your punishment like a man and stop using the racists bullshit.


He could have prevented getting shot very easily, its called COMPLIANCE….he knew he had a Warrant,
he failed to follow the instructions of the court, he tried to escape while being placed in cuffs, had he just listened this whole mess could have been avoided and he’d still be alive….all lives matter, including the police officer, let’s quit blaming the police for everything that goes wrong during their work shift…..look in the mirror…..most cases could have been avoided if the suspect just complied with the officer’s directions. The police officer has to gain control of the situation in order to figure out what the hell is going on. If you think abolishing the police is the answer, you need to have your head examined. Simple solution, when confronted by the police, follow their directions, things will go smoothly and it will be over quickly… want respect, show some respect, everyone wants to go home at the end of their day. Could you handle their job ?


Not very many can handle their job. It takes courage, intelligence, patience and good judgment. How many of these lawbreakers could live up to those requirements, as they are mostly weaklings and bullies. The police are out there every day protecting the cities. I respect the police and say a prayer for them every day. Even though I am not happy that I received my first ticket in over 60+ years of driving, I still respect and support the police.


If there aren’t laws and no one to enforce them. She would be dead in 30 seconds along with alot of the other shiphead liberals.

Robert Kane

Oh, there would still be “laws”, only they would ONLY apply to “whites” and be strictly enforced. People like the scum squat and Fascist Leftists only care about destroying America, not restoring our society or equality, These morons only want to make the minorities (mostly “blacks”) the future “overseers” of the white underclass, and the moronic “woke cancel culture” of all races are in blind lockstep with them, until they feel the brunt of the results and find themselves in the downtrodden “class” too.


Tlaib the Terrorist must be politically eliminated.


who votes for idiots like this. I know other idiots


I have a funny feeling, ballot harvested in like Omar in MN. Waters, Pelosi etc.

Joe Lopez

how in Gods name was this idiot and her squad elected. Has this country gone over the edge to allow people like this to be representatives wow are we in big trouble

RockyMtn 1776

The fact someone such as Talib, AOC, Waters and many others speaks volumes about a large enough percentage of voters to get these people elected. Their is no unit of measure for that level of stupidity.
One idea that has been tossed around: Should those who are wards of the state deserve a voice in affairs OF the state?

Mark Gravitte

Old muslim tlaib is a low grade piece of shit. Why is she In my beloved country. Skank! Your in America bitch not Palestine. Assimilate or leave. I will give you a ride to the airport. God bless Israel.

Mark Gravitte

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. We carried our tasers on our weak side. That wouldn’t happen in NC.If you know left from right you’ll be fine.


I know three rules which would stop all of this. The first is take care of your children, feed them! The second is don’t commit crime, but if you feel you must commit crime, don’t resist arrest! Just go to jail and wait for you know who to bail you out, and she does. You will not get shot that way The third is get a job! You will have a lot less time to commit crimes, protest, riot and get yourself into trouble. Who knows. You may become a productive, responsible human being. I don’t care if you are sky blue pink. It is your behavior I am concerned with.

Calyco Jack

The moment you enter into debate with a Moron you have already lost. How can such a person be a known voice in USA politics? Sorry USA somehow you got yourselves into the situation of the lunatics are running the asylum

Sjdjidjs jdjjdj

So, if she wants to abolish Police, I say go ahead n let’s start with her district first as the guinny pig. That’s one way to stop her mf crazy talk. And ruin her chances for reelection this fall. Maybe all police officers should pick a day, and do their own protest. All call in sick. Maybe people would learn a lesson once and for all n quit playing catch me if you can!


How bout her private security, DC police strike? Walk out and wave- you’re on your own. Figure it out. and at the same time the district she holds. Get all Ntl guard out of DC period,

Johnny Ray Skelton

This bit*h is a disgrace. She has absolutely no business bring a member of congress, and the people that elected her are total idiots.


She is a Muslim America hater and shoulf be sent back to her beloved home country Palestine


It is beyond my level of comprehension how these clueless individuals are getting voted into such high offices. Unbelievable

doc hammer

No police, no penalty for crimes?? this is the beginning of the end for our country if we vote idiots like this women and her beliefs into office. Wake up you democrats and rid our government of idiots like her and her bunch out before it is to late. Dont think of party, use your heads and save our way of life while you can.

Dean Peek

Someone please ask her to lay out her plan. With no incarceration, what will she do with murderers and rapists? With other violent criminals? Is she saying we should all just put up with crime? No laws? Anarchy? No police? I want her to explain herself and let us hear what she has in mind. It’s easy to cut down the status quo, but if you have no alternative plan, maybe you should just shut your mouth and let the adults run the country.

Mark Gravitte

That muslim needs to be deported to palestine. She can push her radical agenda there. She and that other idiot who married her brother. Shitting the system.


Mark, two of a kind those radicals. With so many immigrants (legal or illegal), they will be voting for those of their nationality. Evidently her district has a majority of mideasterns and that is how Tlaib got in. Can she win the next election? Probably, if there are more mideasterns voting.


Lets do a sample test first. Where ever her current residence is, lets take all policing ,and any kind of paid security away from that community, and see how that works out for her.


This goofy broad should not serve in the United States Congress!! But worse yet is the morons who voted to give her a second term???

miss maggie

criminals always side with other criminals

Anony Mous

I’d support that, but only AFTER she and the rest of those Democrats permanently give up paid protection and NO Federally supplied bodyguards for her or anyone else in Congress, the Judicial system, and the Executive branch- including Biden, his cabinet members and his and all of their, government supplied armed protection. NONE of them can have any more protection than the average, legal American citizen can afford to pay for.
And I don’t know of ANYONE who is ‘average’ who can afford armed bodyguards. (And those restrictions apply to everyone in the media business, including Facebook, Twitter, and the like. NONE of them get armed protection, ESPECIALLY if they can afford it from their personal funds.


All security would have to ban together and walk out on those who hate them so. They know who the defunding haters are. Walk off Hollywood sets, woke stores, etc. Until they stand up too for themselves, refuse to take jobs from these lunatics, the ones who have no respect for them….


Unfortunately, OUR taxes pay for their protection. Nice, isn’t it – that she calls for the elimination of police while she has protection – at our expense.

Mark Gravitte

Old muslim tlaib needs to go back to the shithole country she came from. This is America, our country. Leave bitch.

Lorraine E Blazich

Rashida should return to her homeland where she would be much happier. Most loyal Americans support our police and military. Without the police our country would turn into a war zone. But most likely that is what Rashida wants to happen.


How bout her security detail quits, then let out a few prisoners in her yard! Promising them she will take care of them. Food clothing housing. See what happens if she doesn’t.

Mark Gravitte

I will quote Chris Rock; “If the police have to come get you, their bringing an ass kicking with them” don’t resist idiots.

Anony Mous

Let’s begin that process STARTING with Tlaib’s government paid bodyguards. They disarm and disappear from the scene, Tlaib goes without them, anyone else, and unarmed. That’s what she wants for you, so that’s what she should encourage by doing herself. As a role model.
She should do so as long as she is in congress. When she is no longer there we can see how well she fared. Assuming, that is, that she hasn’t already created too many enemies.

Mark Gravitte

What a useless POS! She’s just a muslim with no morals. Even old Mohammed had slaves. These idiots don’t want you to know that of course. Don’t do as I say, do as I do.


WTF….has our congressional reps all gone completely nuts, what rock do they live under, guess they can’t see or don’t care what is going on here. As far as I know resisting arrest is a crime….if George Floyd, Duante Wright, Adam Toledo and many others would have just followed the officer’s instructions they would all be alive today.
Anyone who thinks a 13 year old with a gun is harmless need serious help, how would
you re-act in that split second ? I spent more than 20 years in the U.S. Navy, I can tell
you I would have done the same as this officer did. When it comes down to you or me,
I’m trained to make damn sure it ain’t me babe. A little respect for law enforcement goes a long way, we all want to go home at the end of the day


I am sick and tired of these Muslims giving their opinions on American law when the facts show they are at the core of criminal terrorist acts and she among many in congress that are allied with others with the same anti American attitude.

Anony Mous

It’s not OUR country, immigrant!
Clarification needed re your no policing, incarcerations: Does that mean we get to flip the safeties off whenever you or one of your kind makes us nervous when you start waving knives around and shouting Alahu Akbar or God is great?
If so, I’m all for it. No police means no arrest and no incarceration means no jail time.
Don’t think that’s too smart a move on your part, but it’ll sure make OUR part easier.

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