Democrat Claims: Parental Rights Bill Will Lead To ‘Hate, Bigotry’ And ‘Death’

Republicans in the House of Representatives are pushing parental rights in education bill, known to liberals as the “Don’t Say Gay” bill, that is aimed at protecting family values in education. The bill sets a defiant line between teaching materials that are actually related to education and teaching woke ideologies.

Democratic Rep. Maxwell Frost of Florida claims the bill will lead to “hate, bigotry, and even death” of students, but conservatives are standing firm in their belief that the bill is necessary to protect parents’ rights and families.

The bill, known as HR 5, is meant to ensure parents have a voice in the educational process. The bill requires “local education agencies” to allow parents to review the curriculum, materials in the library, school budgets, and to be informed of violent activity. It also makes sure parents are made aware if their child is not reading at grade level at the end of third grade in order to receive federal funds.

HR 5 has become a hot-button issue in 2021, as parents have protested the use of critical race theory which holds that America is fundamentally racist. The bill has also become necessary as parents across the country have raised objections to books with sexually explicit content in recent years.

The bill also prohibits school systems receiving federal funds from socially transitioning a student without parental consent. This provision was added following a spate of lawsuits across the country centered around clandestine social transitions of children in schools.

The bill is meant to protect family values and give parents back the right to make decisions for their children. It is a way to ensure families are respected and that parents’ beliefs are not undermined by an overly progressive education system.

It is also a way to protect children from potentially harmful content that could be included in the curriculum.


Rep. Frost’s claims of “hate, bigotry, and death” are unfounded and simply a tactic to obstruct progress and push a progressive agenda. Conservatives are standing firm in their belief that this bill is necessary to protect families and children. It is a way to uphold traditional family values in an increasingly progressive world.

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