Democrat Arrested by Capitol Police After Leading Insurrection In Senate Building

Rep Joyce Beatty of Ohio was arrested in the Hart Building that houses half of all of the Senate offices for illegally demonstrating and refusing to leave even after she was warned three times.

Was AOC scared out of her wits? After all, they weren’t in the same building as she was in too. The demonstrators were pressing for the Senate to get rid of the filibuster.

There is zero chance of getting rid of the filibuster but you can expect the Democrats to come up with a way around the filibuster through reconciliation. They are trying to give amnesty to millions of illegal aliens that way by tacking it onto the infrastructure bill.

They also want to make an exception for election issues so that every year we will have hundreds of Maricopa Counties.

Politico reporter Nicholas Wu shared a photo to social media of Beatty’s hands being zip-tied together and in police custody as she gets whisked out of the Hart Building along with two men and six other women.

Beatty claims that she was marching to give Black women the right to vote. But that is a lie because no Black woman who wants to vote has not been stopped from voting.

How do I know? If the media even found one black woman who was refused a vote, it would be covered 24/7 by CNN. Adam Schiff would demand an investigation and the third impeachment of Donald Trump. Schiff is a one-trick pony.

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Following Beatty’s arrest, Capitol Police released a statement to Fox News saying, “nine people were arrested for demonstrating in a prohibited area on Capitol Grounds.”


Idiots Twerk On Ambulance After Shooting In Oakland, CA

From Breitbart News

“At approximately 3:30pm, the United States Capitol Police responded to the Atrium in the Hart Senate Office Building for reports of illegal demonstration activity,” the statement reads. “After officers arrived on the scene, they warned the demonstrators three times to stop. Those who refused were arrested for D.C. Code §22-1307. Two males and seven females were transported to USCP Headquarters for processing.”

For Democrats, the word “fight” — as used by Beatty — could mean a number of things. When it was former President Donald Trump who used the word “fight” to signal a change in politics and elected leaders, it was Democrats who accused him of leading an insurrection. At a February impeachment trial for Trump following his term in the White House, Democrats played a deceptively edited video of his speech from January 6, 2020, leaving out his call for supporters to “peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard.”


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Thank you ABarbaraGDavis. I tried your “Plan” and got arrested for FRAUD!!

Judy C. Giblin

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Yes, they were arrested, but have you heard another word of their outcome? AND YOU WON’T!!


Calls For DECERTIFICATION of 2020 Election After AZ Audit Hits Pay Dirt. <[email protected]>


This insurrection is the worst thing since the Civil War! These insurrectionists are enemies of the state and must be thrown in jail and held in solitary confinement for up to 23 hours a day until their case in heard in 2022.



Aaliyah Walsh

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Boot all office holders out of office.


“The Beltway Report”

Syndicated Via National File| PATRICK HOWLEY|-7-17-21

President Donald Trump and his supporters are emboldened after revelations that many thousands of counted votes are tainted in Maricopa County, Arizona as the Republican state Senate’s forensic audit continues. The Trump Team responded with vindication when the audit found that 11,326 people in the county who voted in the November 3 election were NOT on the voter rolls on November 7, but were added to the voter rolls by December 4. This number is higher than Joe Biden’s supposed statewide “lead” in Arizona of 10,457 votes. Additionally, more than 74,000 mail-in ballots were counted in the county even though there is no recorded evidence of the ballots being sent to the “voters” in the first place — and Maricopa County withheld all photographic evidence of the mail-in ballot envelopes from the Republican audit team. Another round of subpoenas is expected, as state Senator Wendy Rogers calls for the Republican-controlled Arizona legislature to “recall” Joe Biden’s electors in the state.


Wonder if they’ll be put in solitary confinement for months without even getting bail ??? We all know the answer to that one !! Two tiered justice is exactly what we have !!! You think Pelosi may have insisted that the Jan 6 Republicans locked up were to be used to make a example of ??? Now the little Brown Shirt Capitol Police are setting up two satellite offices , one in Florida and one on the west coast !!! You think it’s mainly for Democrats Congressmen and women more than Republicans ?? I’d bet my last dollar it’s all for the crooked Democrats cause they’re scared as hades that these audits are going to show a ton of dirt on a slew of Democrats !!! Audits should be done in every state after the truth is exposed and we get our REAL POTUS back !!!


When Trump was in the white house I never felt worried. The evil doers we’re exposed. It wasn’t always democrats at fault but posers on the Republican side who worked with democrats to push the democrats agenda against the American People. Evil ones like Pence, Barr come to mind along with Collins, Romney, amoung others. They proved they are liars and self serving traitors. We have people who outwardly hate Americans, America and our culture. The unamerican sqad who bitch about everything good about our country. Yet they come here supposedly trying to escape a aweful country yet when they get here they bring the same crap behavior they claim they fled from. Then we have Americans who aren’t happy so they attack the last place on Earth who promises freedom thru capitalism. You buy it you own it. You have rights. They want us to change and try to guilt us into submission. Take our rights and freedoms. The hate in this country caused by special interest hate groups is meant to distroy us within. They want to weaken us thru removal of our safeguards in place. Our police and first responders, our military, our constitution and that’s why they are pissing their pants to take our guns.

Kim Taylor

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Judith Becker

Now they need to arrest the globalists disguised as democrats in our white house, put the real president back in office, and we can get back to being America again.

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