Minneapolis City Council Candidate and Former City Employee Encourages Rioters to Burn Down Wealthy Neighborhoods

A Minneapolis city council candidate urges BLM to burn down the rich section of the city. Naturally, she is a liberal. Margarita “Rita” Ortega wrote on her personal Facebook page that the poor neighborhoods are not the oppressors, the rich are and she suggests they burn down the affluent neighborhood of Lake of the Isles. Ortega is now being investigated by the police for credible threats.

Actually, Ortega may be onto a winning strategy because BLM runs the city, not the elected officials who race each other in their bid to stand down against the violence. This is a city that saw 1,500 of its buildings burned down by Black Lives Matter. Do you hear a single official or media talking head condemn BLM for their violence? Their silence is deafening.

Prior to running for City Council, Ortega was a policy aide at Minneapolis City Hall. She spent ten years working for the city government which could explain why the city is in such bad shape. In a separate post, Ortega made the case that the rich have plenty of insurance and will have an easier time rebuilding.

From The Gateway Pundit

“Division has been created and continues not by my hands. I’m not the greedy one living in million dollar mansions while people are sleeping in tents and on the street,” she said.

Alpha News MN pointed out that the candidate was profiled in the Washington Post Monday and said she has “always felt we’ve never really needed the police.”

“The only way forward is abolishing the police,” she said on Twitter shortly after Wright’s death. “No institution should be allowed to murder in our communities with impunity.”

From The Gateway Pundit

Black Lives Matter militants in Minneapolis are going off the rails, even though they got the verdict that they wanted and Derek Chauvin was seemingly convicted just to appease them.

In a speech before a crowd of far-left activists who stood in apparent agreement, a Black Lives Matter militant declared that they are going to burn the city down if they don’t get the change they are demanding.

“I need all the white liberals to keep caring,” the man shouted.

He went off on some more unintelligible screaming before asserting, what sounded like, “they gonna let us burn this motherf-cker to the ground before they give us systemic change.”



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Who ends up paying the insurance – the insureds do in their premiums — all those insured – everybody. How does it help to burn anything down. Or is this just an excuse to keep rioting, burning, looking and killing? Why don’t you go to the neighborhood of your leader with her $4m+ house.


just an excuse

mike dar

Civil insurrection is quite a expensive coverage in a insurance policy… and good luck finding an insurer to do so now… in this city.

SAN san Waechter


Dennis Stepien

MORGUE time. Screw Jai.


I am sure that the socialist controlled social media removed her message and blocked her from further issuing future messages like they did Trump! NOT!



Dennis Stepien

They come and attempt to DESTROY whay YOU earned…Arm and SHOOT..Screw the MAD MAXINE WATERS Ghetto garbage. These Coward antifa and black LIES matter need to be put “to rest”. Attach a TOE TAG on them.

Ed Cooper

Time to make sure your weapons are all loaded, ready and close at hand… we’re dealing with a bunch ignorant fools that will follow what their leaders tell them to do. Watch out and stay safe.


She’s the type of disgusting unwashed SKANK that will be drug through the streets one day by her own political thugs.

Gail Davis

The POS that said that should be placed in jail for threatening! Sounds like she needs to have her mouth washed out with a strong bar of soap! Her parents did a lousy job raising this kid. A paddle years ago to her ass might have helped!

Mark Gravitte

Bring it on suckers. We sit in the top of trees all day waiting for something to shoot. It’s your funeral punks!

Mark Gravitte

They act just like a bunch of damn apes in a jungle. I don’t believe they are fully developed as of yet. Send ’em back to Africa and let them run around like apes in the desert.

Anony Mous

So, you want to torch a RICH neighborhood?
How about starting with YOUR OWN Cullor’s MILLION $ + places.
But you might run into the same problem there.. gates and guns.


Why does the mob and the liberal Democrats want to get rid of law enforcement? Because in totalitarian countries like Venezuela they don’t have law enforcement as free countries have, they have a mob called Enforcers who keep the citizens in line, just as BLM/Antifa are doing now in Portland. While the army is used to protect the Dictator and the elite. BLM/Antifa have been in riot training for a year now and are aching to hear the message from the Democrat Socialists party that the take over is complete. Meanwhile our army and National Guard is being cleansed of any conservative thoughts or conservative members at this very moment, by General Lloyd, appointed by Nancy Pelosi,, and his officers. The Democrats have created the perfect storm for a take over of the Republic and the destruction of the American system of law. Breach of the borders. Terror in our streets. A planed virus epidemic. Small business destroyed and public schools closed to our children forcing them to fall too far behind the private school elite to ever catch up.. Masked confusion controlled by the evil Fauci. and a crooked election with rigged voting machines and illegal ballots. So much well planed dazzling footwork by the left it was impossible for Republicans, loaded down with never Trumpers and swamp dwellers, to ever stop the march of Marxism. Is there a miracle in our future. God willing.


SCUMBAGS like her NEED to be filled with lead!!! I’m locked and loaded SCUMBAG!!!

Mark Gravitte

Bring it on assholes. You people are as hollow as an empty log. A 5.56 will get your attention. Put your money where your mouth is cowards. These punks and bitches are still living in mommas basement. Some things have to be settled with force. IQ – 120. Good riddance. By Felicia.


Let me guess…..she doesn’t live in that area. I say they go burn down her neighborhood.


ANYONE, absolutely anyone is harmed or God forbid, dies from any attack spurred by this POS’s rant, she NEEDS TO PAY THE ULTIMATE PRICE TOO! My choice, burn her at the stake in a very public display.


I disagree with Ortega in her opinion of the police, but maybe she has a good idea about where to burn. I have a suggestion, why not start with Pelosi and Waters homes. They are much wealthier than a politician should get AFTER being in office.

Sandra Lee Smith

Who created the policies that resulted in people sleeping in tents on the streets? LEFTISTS, of course! Who just spent $$$ on 4 new homes? BLM leader (leftist terrorist). This female has her proprities all askew.


People like this not only need to be investigated but thrown in jail –she has encouraged rioting destruction of property and should be punished to the full extent. This coming from a city council wanna be–what is it going to be like if she is elected? Another Maxine and Al Sharpton–trouble makers that deserve jail time.

Last edited 4 months ago by Marcia

They should charge her for every dollar of Damage done by these TERRORISTS. If anyone dies charge her with 1ST DEGREE MURDER. Till these LIBERAL IDIOTS are made to pay for their words and Actions they will keep up their WILLFUL IGNORANCE.


Self Deport Ortega!

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