Deep State Forcefully Injected January 6th Political Prisoners

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January 6 political prisoners in the D.C. Detention Center are being coerced into receiving the COVID-19 vaccine to avoid ongoing inhumane conditions and mistreatment.

As was reported by multiple outlets, American citizens are facing torturous conditions in the D.C. Detention Center over minor crimes related to the events at the Capitol on January 6, that have been compared to conditions seen in Guantanamo Bay. On April 19, it was reported that these political prisoners were held alone, sometimes with a single cellmate, in their cells for 23 hours a day for over 400 days with zero outside time due to COVID-19 restrictions. Inmates were granted only 1 hour to shower or perform out-of-cell activities.

Conditions of the jail have been widely condemned and criticized. Inmates were restricted from shaving, trimming their toenails, or getting a haircut, only to be provided with a chemical hair remover which many were unable or unwilling to use due to burning of the skin. Inmates were not allowed to receive visits from their lawyers and families, and were only allowed to contact them virtually or over the phone. They were restricted from any library services, therefore having no access to reading material to pass the time while incarcerated. As all court processes have been slowed, many inmates have had their trial dates extended for weeks and even months. Inmates’ lawyers have reported mental and verbal abuse, threats, and violent beatings that have left prisoners with permanent injuries.

“Since his arrest, Ryan Samsel has been held in Washington DC. On March 21, he was awakened by correctional officers, his hands zip-tied, then walked to an unoccupied cell and brutally beaten by the officers. Then Ryan Samsel lost an eye in the beating,” reported Gateway Pundit.

The District of Columbia maintains that such measures were necessary to prevent the spread of the virus in the facility. However, the inhumane conditions drew the attention of Congressman James Comer (R-KY), who issued aletter to D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser demanding answers. The DC mayor has not responded to the letter in direct violation of the D.C. Home Rule Act, which states that Congress has oversight in the district.

Following the reports of the conditions in the jail, changes were made at the detention center as the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions were being lifted. According to a report by the Washington Post in May, some freedoms for these political prisoners had been restored, but only for those who have been vaccinated for COVID-19. 
“D.C. corrections officials will ease an array of coronavirus restrictions in the coming weeks and relax the nearly 24-hour confinement that inmates endured for more than a year, according to plans released Thursday. Beginning May 15 and through July, vaccinated inmates will see a resumption of activities that are in line with the city’s return to pre-pandemic openings, and the rolling back of some of the restrictions that jail officials said were needed to contain the spread of the coronavirus but that drew sharp criticism from lawmakers and allegations of human rights abuses.”<

“This means that inmates who are not vaccinated are being held in ongoing inhumane lockdown conditions. This is a clear violation of the Nuremberg code, which prohibits testing medications on inmates, and prohibits the use of force or coercion in the use of medical experiments,” said Suzzanne Monk, conservative activist, journalist, and founder of ReOpen America. “These abuses have been made more possible by the already utter disdain for human rights that has been in place in the DC Detention Center for now over 450 days, human rights violations that continue to this day, and are made even more disturbing in their criminal abuse of medical protocol.”

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Anonym Ous

You be a lying sack of crap.


It is NOT safe to click on the link!

Anonym Ous

You be a lying sack of crap.


It is NOT safe to click on the link!


Prosecutions for criminal government actions, regardless of actual outcomes for the prisoners.


How about the indictment, trial, conviction, and execution of Mayor Bowser for the torture of those inhumanely treated? These cases would be a good case for adopting such a policy of holding officials responsible.

Elizabeth H Head

I hope everyone that they arrested, but actually innocent, sues the heck out of them.

Lois Vrable

They are referring to this action as an issurrection — that is a lie — they are letting antifa and BLM activists loot ,burn and threaten American citizens — no jail time for them– this is so obvious that they are turning this country into a communist nation — time for our elected officials to step up and stop this any way they can — we have to protect these innocent citizens and jail the TRUE criminals — otherwise we will lose all of our freedoms


[January 6 political prisoners in the D.C. Detention Center are being coerced into receiving the COVID-19 vaccine to avoid ongoing inhumane conditions and mistreatment. – Deep State Forcefully Injected January 6th Political Prisoners.]
There is a big difference between being forced and being coerced, for coerced meaning not wanting to but requires consent, forced is done without consent through force.

This looks like a headline from a liberal author who will say anything to entice people to read the story, whether the enticement be true or not.


I get what you are saying, but coercion is also against federal law. They are breaking their own laws.


More like torture to coerce, it da-n shouldn’t be in America and the communists doing this need to be punished to the full extent of the law.

Joe Bloggs

I bet you still have both your eyes


Isn’t there some rule of law about inhumane conditions for Political Prisoners? These folks haven’t even had their due process or trials. Geneva Convention?


GITMO and many other secret overseas bases were used to bypass those rules.


Is it true the reason Biden emptied out Guantanamo Bay of terrorists was to have an exclusive prison to accept the American citizens railroaded by Pelosi and Cohorts, after the 9/6/ trial should there be any found guilty? An evil Biden plan to make sure the American citizens who received sentences would be off shore in a Communist country and never see their loved ones again? Only Biden and the Marxist/Democrats could implement so cruel a plan. Someone, please find out is this rumor is true?


No, not to my understanding.Only citizens who’ve been captured on a FOREIGN battlefield with the enemy have been incarcerated at GITMO. Still, the courts are arguing over that.

JB Marks

Of course, but with Comrade Biden on chsrge all same people are doomed. All socislist/Marxists/communists need to be taken out like they did with Hussain


Democrats don’t seem to feel they have to obey the law. That needs to brought down hard and stopped.


Ok, attorneys are saying there are laws being broken re: these inmates. I hope its more than just talking and that there are measures being taken to get these people outta there

Sandra Lee Smith

Apparently not.


What was the date of Ryan Samsel’s arrest and what were the charges?


With the laundry list of past offenses and jail time listed he sounds exactly like a antifa poster child stooge. .


Deprivation of rights under color of law is a serious crime. I was just following orders is not an excuse in court either.


Governmental stupidity ala Stalin.

Sheila Briscoe

No wonder Biden won’t condemn the Cuban government! He’s supporting Communist protocol!!!

Sandra Lee Smith

Hello, Mr White? On which planet are you dwelling? On this 1 an years is but 365 days, & the arrests only began in mid to late Jan of THIS yr, nowhere CLOSE to 400 days ago! Hyperbole & lies only serve the left by making us look hysterical or foolish!
Granted, the conditions are deplorable, & so is the fact that NONE of the real instigators is among those prisoners, as is the fact that rule of law & Constitutional protections have been entirely tossed out. However, we should not be surprised. The warnings of this have been around for centuries.


How can this even be close to believable. As soon as i read the political prisoners in jail for the Jan 6 attack have been in inhumane conditions for 400 days right then i knew this was a BS read. You cant believe half of the crap thats online and the other half is just lies. All it is is some jerk off standing at the fire with a big spoon stirring the crap pot to keep it boiling so they dont get burned. The 23 hrs spent a day in a cell is how salutary confinement works 23 in 1 hr out it not the holiday inn every prison is like that federal state and private.


If they can ever convict Pelosi for what she is truly guilty of doing, sure hope she gets the same treatment.


Although prisoners do not have full constitutional rights, they are protected by the Eighth Amendment’s prohibition against cruel and unusual punishment

Joe Bloggs

Not if the gubmint is using the constitution as toilet paper

Anonym Ous

Take Bowser and the cell guards out and publicly hang them.
Make sure the rope stretches enough to prolong their agony and NOT break their neck but slowly strangle them.
Then leave the bodies on the gibbets to rot!

Joe Bloggs

Use piano wire. Makes it easier to get the heads to put up on Pikes. Heads on pikes change behavior


Sounds like china not the United states!


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The DC mayor like the previous punk who got caught with his hand in the cookie jar Murial something . Is it Chicago or DC that the mayor is AKA the skull.

Joe Coughlin

Someone needs to TERMINATE BOWSER!


Why are these people even in jail at all !!! Not one person was even carrying a weapon !! When ANTIFA and BLM have burned , looted every Tennis Shoe outlet and Phone Store , Murdered , harassed Law Enforcement while destroying their vehicles , and tried to take over State and Federal Buildings !!! And I seemed to have missed the post where any of these little Pukes went to jail !! Of course Hooker Harris would’ve bailed em out , or the DA would even prosecute them because they’re supporters of all the groups !! I’m so tired of Pelosi’s goon squad of haters doing all they can to ever Conservative that doesn’t kiss the Democrats asses !! I hope these people Sue every damn one that they can !! Especially this detention center !!! Cruel and unusual punishment would be 1st on the list !! And no bail ?? WTH ?? Where they going to go , the FBI found all of them and had no idea who they were , unless the FBI was with them and giving advice during the event !! The whole thing was a damn trap !! When Police direct you to come on in , that looks like entrapment !!


If true, forced vaccination (especially using uncertified substances) of uncharged and unsentenced detainees is a gross violation of civil rights and the Nuremburg code that defines war crimes against Humanity.


“On April 19, it was reported that these political prisoners were held alone, sometimes with a single cellmate, in their cells for 23 hours a day for over 400 days with zero outside time due to COVID-19 restrictions.” January 6th, 2021 was only 206 days ago. 1/2 of what they stated in article. Something isn’t adding up.

Jane Clark

Please explain this: “On April 19, it was reported that these political prisoners were held alone, sometimes with a single cellmate, in their cells for 23 hours a day for over 400 days”

There haven’t been “over 400 days” since 1/6.

Dwayne Oxford

Wish admins looked at comments.
Lucifer is the god of force.

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