DC Cops Have Had Enough, Finally Turn On Democrat Officials

A shooting occurred a few days ago, just outside the ballpark of the Washington Nationals, causing a near riot and forcing the game to be suspended after three people were shot.

The incident revealed how much violence has permeated the city and showcases the results after elected Democrats refuse to allow the police to do their job.

The DC police union tweeted out their anger over their inability to do their job because of restraints placed on them by elected Democrats in the city.

An active shooter opened fire Saturday on a street outside of Nationals Park, causing a near riot as people fled the stadium. The game was called and police tried to keep the crowd from getting shot at. Next time you get mugged in Washington D.C., call Muriel Bowser or the Democrats on the city council and see what that will get you. You will sadly be disappointed. You cannot shackle the police and expect them to maintain order.

Ashan Benedict, the Metropolitan Police Department’s executive assistant chief of police, reported that two cars were involved in the incident. One vehicle was stopped but the second car is still on the loose. The police have released a photo of the gray Toyota Corolla that was involved in the shooting, which has a missing hubcap on the left side of the vehicle.

Scott Fear, the vice president of public safety and security for the Washington Nationals said that at no time were the patrons of the game was in danger but with the gunfire going off and the massive amount of liberal rage did throw a pretty big scare into them. Crime in cities controlled by Democrats is going through the roof. No such numbers are coming out of cities with conservative elected officials, where they allow the police to do their job.

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From The Daily Caller

Democratic D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser and Mark D. Lerner, the managing owner of the Nationals, condemned gun violence and ensured that the city’s police department and stadium security will strive to protect the city from future shootings in a joint statement Sunday.

“We stand together against senseless acts of gun violence in the city we love,” the statement said. “Gun violence-no matter where it occurs in our city-is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. The Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) continues to work closely with Nationals security to ensure the continued safety of residents, fans, workers and all individuals in the area.”


Idiots Twerk On Ambulance After Shooting In Oakland, CA

The D.C. Council’s Committee on the Judiciary and Public Safety cut more than $9.5 million from Bowser’s proposed $578 million police budget for the 2021 fiscal year, WUSA reported. In 2020, D.C. defunded the police department by $15 million following Black Lives Matter protests, according to The Washington Post.



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Little girl age six died because of the democrats and their rules against police to do their job.Oh yes for sure our children are dying because of the dems. and their racism not ours, their stopping cops not us. The core problem is the democrats.

Nicolas P Cignetti

The DNC is now synonymous with incompetent. They are a major risk to the safety of this country.

The Man

why do mlk and malcolm x roads make people so violent. we need to rename these roads to peaceful thing like birch and maple.


“We stand together against senseless acts of gun violence in the city we love,” the statement said. “
But no specific mention of knife violence?
I guess there is no vested-interest money in knife-control.
Maybe senseless acts of violence as a general concept, has a more virtuous ring to it?

Sasha Royale

“We stand together.”. “We are against it.” “Koom by yah.” Useless gestures and declarations ! Maybe you should paint them on the pavement. Remember when the Baltimore Bullets changed their name to “The Wizards” because the name “Bullets” promotes violence ? How’s that working, Baltimore ?


they are probably not sure, have to be conscious to have any thoughts about what is going on around them.. same schitt in schittcago and out west in portlandburg and seattleburg with the commie inspired democrat KKK scum trashing those cities while Real Americans continue to pay the azzholes for pretending to know how to run something larger than a pop stand …


I believe that DC has some of the most restrictive gun laws in the US. So why do you need to protect the people who go to the games from gun violence. Just pass another anti-gun law. Snark, snark.

[…] DC Police Finally Turn on Democrat Officials […]


Until turning on Democrats means shooting all of them dead you can expect the situation to get worse and worse and much worse.

Christopher A. Gwynn

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what do folks expect when they put an ignorant negro vagina in charge of the city… could not run a kindergarten class, much less a city ..

Elizabeth Davis

word does not control gun violence Action does


Hey Liberty One, put a time stamp on your fricking articles!!!

Christina Robleto

Another example of why you don’t vote democrat, now aoc wants to abolish prisons, like this will help make society better, tell that to the victims….

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