DC Boogaloo Boys Emerge Left: How I Learned to Deconstruct The Left

The Boogaloo Boys is a group that is emerging alongside Antifa in Washington DC. Study of the group’s origins, their motivations, and their prior involvement in protests reveal that there is a larger massive organization behind these smaller groups taking advantage of the left and the right, that Community Organizing l tactics to deceive the public and shape public opinion are predictable, and the right are willfully ignorant of how they are being victimized.

A citizen journalist reported on the media’s movements identified by the media as “extreme far-right” on Saturday. In his report, he identified that the group was marching in protest of what I will show below is a recycled and manufactured media narrative that never really existed.

And now the media has to push the story of why alt-right is marching over faked Hysterectomies.  Will anyone notice?


Hysterectomies?  I covered that; it was all orchestrated and used to set a narrative:

The claim was created by and promoted by the left.  I covered in my story the origins of the Hysterectomy drama.


I am a former Community Organizer who worked for a Democrat Congressman, Howard Wolpe, in Kalamazoo, Michigan. I also worked with Jessie Jackson for the Rainbow push on Wolpe’s South Africa intuitive. I have a degree in Social Work, but I got out of it because what I saw at the end of the road for organizing was full-blown communism.

I have studied the left, their manuals, and their propaganda machines for decades. My mission in my activism is to prepare people for how the left uses deceitful tactics to steal American liberty away.

This story is about Raleigh, North Carolina, during the “ReOpen NC” protest rallies of 2020 at the NC Capitol there.

In May of 2020, I interviewed some guys who were members of “Blue Igloo” doing “iron walks” in Raleigh, North Carolina, alongside the ReOpenNC protest rallies, which were a continuous contradiction in agenda, organizers of both groups were pretending to be separate groups. However, they were husband and wife, and in fact, the same.

After spending time with leaders, activists, and organizers of all of the groups, it became evident to me that they were, in fact, connected.

The only question was whether or not they knew it because they all appeared to share a common goal: to hijack the activism of local Republicans from the NCGOP and other Populists who were protesting Roy Cooper’s shutdown measures.  The mission was obviously to set the narrative that the right is violent and extreme.

It is important to understand that each movement’s grassroots were being strung along because both far-left and far-right grassroots activists believe they are fighting for justice.  It is the leadership of these groups who know more about the general, overall “plan  .”

It was a long spring and summer of twists and turns.  I developed two media companies to cover the people and issues of the North Carolina reopen movement, and what I discovered, in the end, was what I already knew; Republicans refuse to listen to experienced evidence and are easily swayed by charlatans, GOP leadership is lazy and refuses to defend liberty and will listen to who they believe is “popular,” activists on both sides are often lost.

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Passionate souls searching desperately to save the country, grifters on both sides take advantage of anyone and everything for fame and cash; local police departments are filled with activists and patriots. The left is deceitful as heck but well organized, and they do not care who they hurt in the process of promoting anarchy, and possibly they get paid by larger organizing groups to be a part of a grander drama.

My first media company to cover the events of the Reopen movements, and direct them away from violence,  was viciously destroyed by drama and infighting in the movement- started by Ashley who wanted control over my content.

My second media company was taken down with slander, threats of nutty lawsuits by the Smiths, and a sense of apathy from the Republicans, to the point where it was exhausting and ineffective fighting the battle all alone,  and both sites have been discontinued.

My experience is with Raleigh, North Carolina, but these lessons should apply nationwide because we are now seeing the expansion on what started at the state level.


Blue Igloo is a group of second amendment defenders who were inspired by the shooting of Duncan Lemp. I provided that link by one of the members to explain the background of their group.

I interviewed three group members, who appeared to be dedicated patriots, liberty-loving and good people, but confused and misguided. Their passion for their freedom was used by the Blue Igloo leader, Boogaloo Boys, Adam Smith, the husband of the woman, Ashley Smith,  who organized the Reopen Rallies and intentionally attempted to stir up violence on numerous occasion at ReOpenNC rallies with two other women.

I believe Blue Igloo was used to create an extremist group called Boogaloo Boys. I believe some of the participants, if not all, were veterans and generally concerned citizens who were frustrated over what they saw as the weaponization of the Nations’ law enforcement against their civil liberties.

I suspected they were being exploited.

The ReopenNC groups quickly became a hotbed of confusion and frustration, and infighting.  Many Republicans stopped attending because of the leftist slant and the arrests; a small group of determined activists, who still wanted an outlet, continued to keep the momentum going, aligned with a National Re-Open group.

The infighting over the control of the name, of the group, “reopenNC” became very dirty and deceitful, even though there was a National Reopen Group, started by a woman named Suzanne Monk, who had started an organization first, that was not affiliated with the Smith’s.

It caused a mini civil war within Republican circles, with Ashley Smith insisting on control, which should have alerted other thinking people, but only caused division.

That is a pattern for infiltrators. Most of the Republican’s attempts to use the power of protest and rallies are seized upon from within, with various agendas,  and then destroyed by common tactics that prevent the right’s success.

The right is willful in their ignorance about how to stop this from happening.

At no time were the police aggressive with any of the protestors. This whole drama was allowed to unfold safely, and no one but me was talking about the larger implications of what was happening.  I was pushed back upon, sometimes violently, for my point of view.

After investigating for a few months, interview the Chief of Police of Raleigh, various activists, and organizers of Chalep Hill Antifa, Blue Igloo, and ReOpenNC, I uncovered that they were all loosely working together to frame a narrative that Republicans are violent.  I suspected that there was a larger narrative because everything the left does is for the larger purpose of dominance.  I shared that concern with many of the people involved.

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To me, the larger concern is beating Communism so everyone can be free.  Very few political people are focused on that.


Understanding these movements is important because they affect voters, public opinion, and elections, which then affect public policy and, ultimately, freedom.

We have to understand the smallest unit first- the grassroots activist.

When 2nd amendment walks popped up simultaneously as the Reopen rallies in Raleigh, I knew they were associated.

Remember, the leader of ReOpenNC was arrested for being violent. Her husband was a leader of Blue Igloo, (Boogaloo boys). Wherever they went, Chapel Hill Antifa’s leader knew what the plan was.

This was a very confusing situation.  Unsure who the Blue Igloo Protestors were or what they were doing, I walked with them on one of their “2nd Amendment” Iron Walks and observed the Raleigh Police.

Chapel Hill antifa doxxed me.

The leftist “Indy media” in Raleigh was also always abreast of these groups’ movements and used the opportunity to from participants of the ReOpen NC protests as violent extremism. No matter what was going on, the story in the “Indy News” was that Republicans were violent, helping to set the national narrative.

Grassroots marketing accounts on Twitter carried all of the various marches’ organizing details, but these walks were barely attended. I smelled gaslighting.

I later had numerous interactions with the Chief of Police in Raleigh. I told him my concerns were that Community Organizers were confusing left and right grassroots organizers for a larger plot of both causing violence and shifting blame for the violence. I believed it was for a larger destructive scheme to harm the police because that is a long-time agenda of the left.  As seen on the video above, one Police Chief was a serious-minded man and was sympathetic to my concerns.

However, there was some coordination with the Raleigh Police to allow the anarchy that came from BLM and Antifa protests in the city at the same time as the ReOpen and Blue Igloo events:

And the local Raleigh media were carrying the messaging all Spring and Summer that everything was fine except for the whites and the Republicans,  meanwhile using Government officials to put on fake protests, as I covered in this story:


Facebook Finally Loses

So the co-mingling and distortion is the left’s organized chaos.  That is their calling card. We will see more of it in the days to come. Few people see the coordination.

Did it begin with everyone playing their role in a grand drama?  Perhaps. Perhaps the left is just in love with Live Action Role Playing? And they are all just having a great time.  No one ever investigates these connections.

There is most likely a centralized communication source, as the left uses thousands of “grassroots marketing platforms” for massive war room style communications on messaging, branding, and PR.


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Pamela B. Walker

tyvm……makes sense to me…. very understandable and I see the big picture…..and it is hard to get this message across to others…..but it sure needs to be shown…..and talked about and explained…..for those who are frustrated and so very naïve…..

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