Gun control advocate David Hogg claimed that the Florida Senator Marco Rubio refused to meet him because the loudmouth ‘triggered’. He deleted the tweet calling Rubio out after the Senator’s staff set him straight and threatened to pull the receipts. Hogg apologized and claimed that it was a ‘honest mistake’.

“Rubio staff said I can’t meet with him or his staff because I ‘trigger’ him. I just wanna have a conversation,” Hogg tweeted out. “Please meet with me @marcorubio I just want to figure out how we can stop these things from happening. We have to end the continuous debate and find out what we can agree on.”

Rubio’s chief of staff Michael Needham excoriated Hogg and called him out.

“No one said such a thing. As for the meeting, you must be confused as we had a 2p meeting scheduled with you,” Needham tweeted. “However, since you are lying and clearly using this all for self-promotion, that meeting is now cancelled.”

“Also, the reporter doing a profile of you knows the meeting is real since she was emailing yesterday with our comms team about it,” Needham said in a second tweet.

“Don’t lie again — we have receipts,” he threatened.

Hogg apologized soon after.

“[A]n honest mistake, got our meetings confused in the flurry and my staff misinformed me. I apologize. We’d still love to meet with you and have an honest, respectful discussion,” read his tweet.

“Deleted the tweet bc it wasn’t true but attaching here for transparency,” he added.

In other related news, psycho libs praised Hogg for being ‘so honest’ but absolutely none of them asked how Hogg got it in his head that Rubio was ‘triggered’ as he put it. He so clearly made it up but the left doesn’t care about the facts. Apparently, they’re just impressed that Hogg apologized.

Erica Carlin

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john s nowosacki

They only are ‘sorry’ for getting caught in their lies, not for the lying.


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Sandra Lee Smith

Got that right! He’ll continue lying.


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Louise J Bleil

This brat has been a liar since the first time he opened his mouth. he nee3ds a good butt kicking to straighten him out.


Just wait. He’ll be running for Congress on the Democratic Party ticket (The Party of HATE and LIES) soon!

Last edited 15 days ago by sparky

Dad is/was an FBI agent. That might tell you something.


It is not a mistake. He is a Democrat. It is a lie.


It’s fun to watch david hogg preach his anti-American Freedom rhetoric – imho, he’s a jerk.

Philip Hammersley

“Camera Hogg” is still peddling lies. That’s all DIMMs have!


Twerp comes to mind.


Just go away crawl to your hole and never come out again idiot.


More lib lies. And in my opinion the Jan6 tv show was more of a reality show than anything else. Just ask lying Liz. President Trump 100% condemned the protest on Jan6,saying and I quote this is not who we are. So stop wasting taxpayers money.


Little piggie boy is a pathological LIAR! Definitely a leftist gun-grabber.


Hogg has a staff? Maybe he should lay them off and buy a chin.


Hogg has a staff? who’s paying for that?

james henry james

LMAO! HOGG! Who’s only claim to fame was he wasn’t even there! The Brainwashed buffoon that has no idea of anything he squawks about! So just how stupid are his followers???? To quote one! WHO THE HELL IS HOGG?????? And no nobody ever did anything cause of this retard!

james henry james

He looks and sounds like Beto O’Rourke‘s son! They are both dumb as a stump! I am sure his parents are embarrassed! But then if it get him out of their basement! Good for them! Now change the locks!


Hogg is nothing but a little punk. Why should anyone meet with him.


Funny how when a democrat gets caught in a lie its a mistake or they will say that isnt what i meant don’t believe what your lying ears heard.



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