There is a serious issue in the big blue states that are drowning in violence, inflation, and high taxes. States like California are punishing law-abiding, tax-paying citizens while setting violent criminals free stand to lose big. There are mass exists out of these deep blue nightmares as Americans flee to freer safer ground.

Conservative commentator Dave Rubin told Fox News Monday that he has tapped out. Rubin says he’s ditched California and now enjoys his life in Florida. He sent a warning to his former state, and other one-party states like it—Shape up, because people will continue to leave.

“This is exactly what’s been going on in L.A. for a couple of years now,” Rubin said of California’s penchant for tolerating far-left governance and criminal justice policies. “And let’s not forget that George Gascon’s previous job before being district attorney of Los Angeles, he was district attorney, I think, for seven years in San Francisco.”

Rubin said that in the time since Gascon left the Bay Area, the “dystopian nightmare” there has only gotten worse under left-wing District Attorney Chesa Boudin, son of the late Weather Underground member Kathy Boudin.

“What happens in the world of progressive politics, especially in California, is you export that from San Francisco and now it’s down in Los Angeles,” he said.

“And unfortunately until the people of Los Angeles and California more broadly decide to start voting for some other people — until California decides that it can no longer be a one-party state, then this is going to keep happening.”

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“There is going to be more crime. There are going to be lighter sentences and more chaos on the streets… I now live in the free state of Florida, and this is a perfect example of why.”

Rubin said there are still some common-sense officials in California’s liberal enclaves, praising Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villaneuva for pushing back on Gascon at times.

When Gascon’s office reportedly claimed the sheriff’s department was on board with the light sentencing of the juvenile driver, Villeneuva forcefully pushed back.

“We were never consulted as we were not the investigating agency,” the LACSO said, resulting in Gascon’s office correcting its original statement.


At one point in time, you would have to travel outside of the US to see places like San Francisco with its rampant homelessness, crime, and poverty. Nowadays, it doesn’t take a passport to see what a third-world government has to offer and that’s a horrendous shame.

Erica Carlin

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Scott L

California will need to burn or reach bottom before their citizens band together and clean house there. They need to clean house starting at the City Council/School Board level and work their way up to Mayor/District Attorney and then start at the County and State levels.

It kills me to see CA/OR/WA becoming such cess pools of crime, pestilence and blatant corruption up to and including the Governors. People will only allow themselves to be pushed so far before a spark ignites the powder kegs of anger boiling in the good folks there.

It can’t happen too soon. Every day that goes by without people rising up will make it that much more devasting when it finally bursts.

Margaret Underwood

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