Dana Perino Scorches Dems Border Crisis: ‘This Is A Disaster!’ That They Planned All Along

On Monday, Dana Perino, cohost ofAmerica‘s Newsroom,” commented on the Biden administration‘s approach to Title 42, dubbing it adisaster after the Supreme Court delayed its rescission. Perino spoke onFox Across America about how the Biden presidency has taken a contrasting course compared to the Trump administration when it comes to immigration policy, doingthe exact opposite.”

“This has been a disaster! Perino began. Adding, “Democrats have been signaling since 2018 when that primary started that they were going to do everything opposite of President Trump on immigration.”

“Then they get here,” She continued, “and we have a serious problem. Everybody’s coming across. Title 42 is just a small part of what happened during COVID to say, this is a law passed I think in 1929, that said, you can prevent people from coming in if you are concerned about communicable diseases.”

“This is not an immigration policy!” Perino explained. Adding, This is not your border security policy. It is one tool in the toolbox to tell people, no, you have to go back, and it should be used for public health. It should not be used to help protect Americans from people who are coming across illegally. That should not happen.”

She continued to snap at Biden for messing with Title 42:

“But the White House, because they have to do everything opposite of President Trump, they went in initially and said, we want to get rid of Title 42. And then the states were like, well, but if you do, that means we’re going to have X amount more. So then they slow-walked it a little bit. And now the Supreme Court is saying, you have to put up or shut up right now. … The [White House] was floundering all over the place yesterday, I don’t know what they’ll say today.”


When asked by reporters about plans to take down Title 42, the White House Press Secretary said that they’re just complying with a court order. Here’s the thing about that; they are the ones who initiated removing T42 in the first place so that was just a BS answer to try to remove accountability.