Remember when the left flashed bogus photos of Border Patrol Agents apprehending illegal immigrants from Haiti and told everyone that the horseback agents were whipping the illegals?

Biden and his goons used the image, even after the photographer clarified the nature of the photo, to demonize border agents and vowed to make them ‘pay’.

Well, the Biden administration has sense silently walked those threats back now that there have been enough crises to make their base forget it ever happened. Dana Perino isn’t letting Biden get a pass and put Democrats on blast Wednesday:

“I find this in the long list of embarrassing things for the administration. This for me goes to the top because it incorporates all of the things that are wrong. They’ve never been outside of the eastern seaboard, so they don’t know what it’s like to actually ride a horse and utilize a horse.

They’ve convicted these guys before they had even investigated. Then when they found out — that oh it was horse riding, oh they didn’t do anything wrong? They still didn’t pull it back.

They don’t deserve anything but an apology. All of these agents that were on horseback that day, they’ve been on desk duty since last September. We are down 2,000 agents at the border. Do you think that’s a good idea? To tell everybody to cool their heels?

Now to add insult to injury, to add administrative violations? What could they possibly be? And the president could use his discretion here. Mr. Empathy. He could call the Department of Homeland Security and say let it go. Let these guys get back to work.

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But instead, they have to come up with some trumped-up charges like some third-world dictator. That makes me furious.”


Agents are now faced with the largest immigration crisis in recent memory. At the very least, Biden could have indicated them publically and apologized. Voters deserve to know the truth—But both of those things would require accountability and Biden doesn’t do that. Does he?

Erica Carlin

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Micky, the Mouse

This President is neither a leader, of any kind, nor an honest man. He might be more respected if he would admit being at fault when he blames someone(s) for things that he was told, but didn’t investigate prior to blaming them for something they didn’t do. Now, he doesn’t have the ability to say, “Sorry guys, but I screwed up and mess up your lives for nothing.” That, would require an upright man, but not someone that can’t admit when they make a bobo.



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