Daily Show New Host Blasts Biden Over Plans For New Drilling

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Kal Penn, the Daily Show’s temporary host, recently attacked President Biden from the left for approving a major oil drilling project on federal land in Alaska.

Penn accused Biden and ConocoPhillips of “some Silence of the Lambs serial killer shit” for the project. Not only is this an attack on the president from the left, it’s also a blow to the environment.

When interviewing Pakistani Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, Penn asked about climate change and how Pakistan is addressing it.

Zardari spoke of his mother’s manifesto in 2007 before she was assassinated, and that she was the first Pakistani politician to have climate on her agenda.

Zardari then went on to say that his home, the villages around it, and the people he knows were suddenly just water as far as the eye could see.

Zardari replied that, “First of all, I am very proud of the fact that my mother’s manifesto in 2007 before she was assassinated, she was the first Pakistani politician to have climate on her agenda, and I often think that if we had started addressing things in 2007, 8, and 9, maybe we wouldn’t be here today.”

It seems like a stretch that Benazir Bhutto’s preferred policies could’ve prevented one-third of the country from being underwater, but Penn naturally didn’t press him on that, as Zardari continued, “But despite all of that,

I was not the most hyper of climate activists. Like, okay, I got it, we’ll do some wind, we’ll do some solar and hopefully, things will be fine. My worldview changed overnight when my home, the villages around it, the people that I know, it was suddenly just water as far as the eye could see. It–and now, yeah, frankly, go, Greta.”

He further lamented, “it’s not on the agenda, it is not in the media conversation.” Maybe the media in Pakistan is different, but the media in the U.S. won’t stop talking about it where you have people like Penn accusing other people of acting like serial killers.

Democrats have turned the debate over climate change into a political battleground. They’ve also abused taxpayers’ concerns to develop expensive but ultimately useless initiatives.

The reckless spending habits of the Biden administration, and Democrats in general, have caused and exacerbated inflation and the rising cost of fuel. This is an issue that needs to be addressed, as it’s having a devastating effect on working-class Americans.


It’s a shame that Penn and others failed to recognize the financial hardship that the American people are facing. Penn’s attack on Biden was somewhat funny, it fails to address the underlying issues that are causing economic hardship.



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  3. Science Is Your Friend

    March 17, 2023 at 4:50 am

    Welcome to the next Little Ice Age, WOKESTERS.
    All this climate crisis cr-p is a money grab or redistribution of wealth.
    Look at the sun spots, Dexter.

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