Daily Show And Planned Parenthood Plot How To Handle Pro-Life ‘Mofos’

The Daily Show’s decision to bring on Leslie Jones as a guest host was met with criticism from the start. On her second night on the show, she brought on Planned Parenthood President Alexis McGill Johnson to talk about the services they provide to men, and the conversation quickly turned to abortion.

Jones and Johnson tried to make the case that Planned Parenthood is more than just an abortion provider, but they couldn’t help but bring up abortion, fear-mongering and politicizing the issue.

However, what they fail to mention is that Planned Parenthood also performs hundreds of thousands of abortions every year and is funded by taxpayer dollars. It’s no wonder that pro-life organizations are fighting back to keep Planned Parenthood’s influence out of our collective lives.

Johnson tried to push the idea that Planned Parenthood provides more than just abortions. Johnson ran through a list of services they provide, but it was the one that caught Jones’ attention: vasectomies. Jones joked that Planned Parenthood should market them as “The Dick Fixers” and Johnson laughed along.

But the conversation quickly turned more serious when Johnson brought up the Dobbs decision, which is a Supreme Court ruling that upholds the right of employers to deny birth control coverage to their employees. Johnson fear-mongered, claiming that the decision will have a negative impact on miscarriage management and the rights of women.

This is the kind of rhetoric we’ve come to expect from Planned Parenthood and liberal activists. They want us to believe that we should be scared of the Supreme Court and that their answer to every problem is more government control.



LESLIE JONES: Tell me the services that you provide for people with penises.

ALEXIS MCGILL JOHNSON: Yes! Men are like one of the fastest growing demographics at Planned Parenthood, they come for the same set of services, they come to get access to condoms, they come to get access to STI screenings, they come for vasectomies, increasingly come after the Dobbs decision, right? They are coming in.

JONES: I don’t know. I mean, I mean, maybe we need to market it. You know what I’m saying? Maybe we need to have a better market like “we treat the meat.” You know what I’m saying? Planned Parenthood—Planned Parenthood presents: The Dick Fixers. You know what I’m saying?

JOHNSON: We do that too.

JONES: But like do you think men are embarrassed about what they need to come in for? Let me tell you something, men, it is important that men get checked out. Their actual health affects their wives, partners, and girlfriends too. Roe v. Wade was overturned six, seven months ago, and it’s important for men to come in also. Tell them how important it is.

JOHNSON: Yeah, it is so critical. I mean, first of all, stigma around sexual and reproductive health care affects everybody so it does affect men. They may not talk about it, but they are certainly coming to Planned Parenthood to get it checked out, right? They see something, they need to say something, they need to come in and make sure.

JONES: Exactly! See something, say something.

JOHNSON: But they are being affected—but they are really being affected by this Dobbs decision, right, because on the other side of every single abortion, every choice that someone makes to not continue a pregnancy, we are also seeing the impact on miscarriage management, we’re seeing the impact on their wives, on their daughters, on their sisters, on their workers, on their coworkers and so men I would say are showing up in a much stronger way. There’s a lot of them out there free-styling because I still don’t know how our bodies work, how our periods work, how our pregnancies work but there a lot of men are showing up because it is important to give them the energy to continue to do that.

JONES: Yes! Yes! How do we—how do we—how do you combat that? Like this thing about our rights and everything, how we keep—how we keep these mother[bleep] out of pussy?

JOHNSON: Well—Well, I mean first of all, I mean, we have to be clear that the Supreme Court made a decision, but the Supreme Court doesn’t get the last word. We do.


JONES: And we are going to need to fight state by state because they are coming for birth control, they are coming for IVF, they are coming, they are literally trying to bankrupt us in Texas, right, Planned Parenthood in Texas. They are trying everything they can to stop people from getting access to care. But what we have — and people like you are just passionate about freedom, passionate about justice, is an opportunity to really be a leader and a volunteer.

JONES: Ooh! Now you know you shouldn’t give me no damn bullhorn. I’m going to be out there on the streets going “Hey, women—Hey, women—are you leaking? Come to Planned Parenthood so we can do some peaking, you know what I’m saying. Hey guys come in quick, so we can fix your dick.”

JOHNSON: Yes! Yes!


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