Cross-dressing gunman behind July 4th Philly bloodbath

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‘On July 3, 2021 a gunman went on a rampage in the Kingsessing neighborhood of Philadelphia. Kimbrady Carriker, 40, shot and killed four men and one 15-year-old boy before being apprehended by police.

Now his identity has been revealed as a Black Lives Matter supporter who dressed as a woman in photos posted on social media.

Kimbrady Carriker, 40, shot dead four men and a 15-year-old boy in the Kingsessing neighborhood on the eve of the Fourth of July (pictured: a Facebook post from March 2022 show Carriker dressed as a woman, wearing a bra, hooped earrings and gold bracelets)

Kimbrady Carriker dressed as a woman, wearing a bra, hooped earrings and gold bracelets)

Carriker dressed as a woman in a Facebook post from last March

Carriker dressed as a woman in a Facebook post from last March

Carriker in a Facebook post from October 2011

Carriker in a Facebook post from October 2011

Facebook posts reveal the killer is a computer nerd who is obsessed by firearms - even posting video a few days ago of children at a gun range
He had also posted eerie articles to Facebook titled: ‘How do you know if an evil spirit is following you,’ as well as a photo of a map listing historic ‘black massacres’ throughout the US with the caption stating: ‘We kept the receipts.’

In May 2020, Carriker posted a video to his Facebook of a burning Philaldelphia police car that had been daubed in graffiti with the letters, ‘ACAB,’ which stands for ‘All Cops Are B******s.’

He was using a police scanner in an attempt to stay a step ahead of the cops but was ultimately backed into an alleyway and surrendered.

On Wednesday, Carriker appeared in court and was arraigned on murder charges, where a judge ordered the accused mass shooter to be held without bail.

Carriker is also facing charges of attempted murder, aggravated assault and simple assault, the DA’s office said.

The suspect had a gun conviction back in 2003, leading authorities to believe that the firearms used in Monday’s attack may have been obtained illegally.

“He had a gun conviction back in 2003, and yet here we are looking at, you know, five people dead as a result of a mass shooting rampage, where he was well-armed and had another firearm back at his residence,” DA Krasner said.

The DA said that Carriker was carrying a ghost gun on the night of the shooting and that there is reason to believe that both that firearm and the AR-15 “may have been obtained illegally”.

Getting to the bottom of the source of the weapon will take time, however, “because the NRA has done a hell of a job trying to make it difficult for people to investigate the source of a weapon,” he said.

“This was someone who set out to kill strangers which of course has become way too common in the United States,” he said, adding that there is no known connection between Carriker and any of the victims

The shooting was a “random, premeditated deliberate killing carried out with an assault rifle,” he told CNN.

On his social media pages, Carriker regularly posted about supporting Black Lives Matter, including his support for workers who protested in the Strike For Black Lives in July 2020.




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