Crime-Ridden San Francisco Just Took Another Direct Hit

Crime in California is out of control. It’s so bad in San Francisco that the retail giant Target had to change their store hours over it. They felt the need to close hours earlier than normal to avoid criminals who shoplift with near impunity.

Retail crime is destroying San Francisco. Some city leaders are trying to find solutions while others are blaming the retail stores for leaving.

In May we reported that Walgreens in San Francisco was closing down stores because they can’t stay afloat due to so much shoplifting.

Representatives from Walgreens said that thefts at its stores in San Francisco were four times the chain’s national average and that it had closed 17 stores because they couldn’t keep doing business in the city.

This is House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) district. You know if it was a Republican district the press would be all over it, but they say not a word to the Democrat Speaker.

Last month, a video was posted on social media showing a thief riding his bicycle into a Walgreens store, stuffing a bag with as many items as he could get into it, and then he rode his bike with stolen merchandise out the door without consequence.


On Friday, Target announced they will start closing their stores at 6 pm instead of the normal hour of 10 pm The retail giant pointed out the skyrocketing theft as the reason behind the change.

A Target spokesperson told KNTV-TV:

For more than a month, we’ve been experiencing a significant and alarming rise in theft and security incidents at our San Francisco stores, similar to reports from other retailers in the area. Target is engaging local law enforcement, elected officials and community partners to address our concerns. With the safety of our guests, team members and communities as our top priority, we’ve temporarily reduced our operating hours in six San Francisco stores.

SFGate reported that it’s so bad in San Francisco that Target closed its doors of one location in the city days ago.

So why is nothing being done about it? One word: Democrats.

President of the California Retailers Association, Rachel Michelin, told KPIX, “There comes a point with what we have shared with the elected leaders of the city where these types of decisions have to be made. The bottom line is when these employees don’t feel safe coming to work. That’s when they have to take these drastic measures.”

“I think part of it is a combination of us working together and them having the right security and right staffing in order to make sure there is a better customer experience. Cutting hours is not a solution,” she told KPIX. “The question is will this person be held accountable for what they did? And that has to be part of the equation as well.”

The radical leftist District Attorney Chesa Boudin and his prosecutors are who San Francisco’s police officer’s union (POA) blames.

“This brazen criminal behavior is endured every single day by San Franciscans and it is the direct result of District Attorney Chesa Boudin and his enablers’ criminals-first agenda,” Tony Montoya, president of the San Francisco Police Officers Association, said recently, according to the New York Post.

Boudin, of course, blames the police.

“This is an age-old problem in San Francisco because the POA wants to get away without doing their job. They want to get away with allowing their officers to send racist text messages, to use excessive force against the community and to engage in systematic violations of civil rights of Black and brown drivers on our streets,” Boudin told KPIX.

“Right now, police are only making arrests in about 10 percent of all reported crimes. There is no way we are going to lock up our way out of a problem when police are only clearing 10 percent of reported crimes,” he added.

But like I said, the problem is Democrats and not just the politicians. Here’s the truth:

Back in 2014, there was a ballot referendum that was passed by the voters. That lowered the theft of property under $950 in value from a felony to a misdemeanor charge. Thanks to that, shoplifting then skyrocketed in California. Since there is normally no prison time for a misdemeanor, the scumbag thieves figure it’s worth it to pocket something and walk right out of the store without paying for it. They just walk into a store, pick out what they want, give the welcome to California middle finger salute, and off they go.

It’s amazing how liberals have screwed themselves because when these stores close it’s the very people who voted for it who will suffer because they will have nowhere in the neighborhood to shop.

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Judy A Zwyghuizen

how Awful people are getting desperate Under Bidens world.


The Only fooling person to BLAME this ALL on is Nancy Peloski aka Pelosi aka Pollock and her Gang Of Deplorable and Deranged Socialist Party Members.


The lead picture of this article is perfect. It is the face of corrupt, vicious evil.


This is what BLINDLY voting Democrap gets you every time. They have no one to blame but themselves.

Dick Simmons

Isn’t what that guy did with the bicycle & back pack more looting than shoplifting?


Does it not seem strange that not one Senator or Representative from California showed up to view the Forensic Audit in AZ?? I guess Nunes, McCarthy, etc. were just not interested in Election Fraud or Election Integrity? What if Newsome, Piglousy, Shitt, Gascon, Senator-Warbucks, etc. had actually lost their election? Why do you think CA remains such a blue stronghold? Follow The Money. Unacceptable! Senator Profits from War and Post Office – Shortly after San Francisco’s then-Mayor Dianne Feinstein married private equity financier Richard C. Blum in 1980, those who knew them called theirs “a marriage of the public and private sectors.”
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• As Chair and ranking member of the Military Construction and Appropriations Subcommittee, Senator Feinstein appears to have steered contracts to companies controlled by her husband.2 Blum has profited handsomely from military contracts.3
• In 2009, Senator Feinstein introduced legislation to provide $25 billion in taxpayer money to the FDIC after it gave Blum’s CBRE real estate company a contract to sell foreclosed properties at unusually high rates.4
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