Crenshaw’s Advice On How To Talk To Your Liberal Family Members Over Thanksgiving

Texas Rep Dan Crenshaw offers some sage advice on how conservatives can express their views with their liberal family members without triggering your ‘woke’ relatives.

Crenshaw: “So, first thing is, don’t get into a political debate with your family. All right? That’s rule number one. Rule number two, if you can’t adhere to rule number one, rule number two is to ask well-intentioned questions. Try to understand where they are coming from, and in doing so, you’ll accomplish a couple of things. One you’ll better understand their argument and how to counter it but two if you ask the right questions you might lead them to your conclusion but on their own. Three. Anticipate their best arguments. Don’t straw-man their arguments, don’t use the slogans that we say and attach them to their argument. Try to use their best arguments, then prepare yourself with the facts and the counterarguments for those best arguments. Don’t talk past each other and be afraid to concede a good point if they make one that leads to a good healthy discussion.

Next, frame the argument in a way that helps them understand the core of your belief, so if you’re arguing about taxation, you can take a step back and say ‘look, conservatives believe we should tax people the least amount of possible so that government has just enough money to do what it’s supposed to do and the left believes you should tax the people the most amount possible so that government can do all the nice things that collectively we would like to do.’ I don’t even think they disagree with a statement like that but it also helps them understand where you’re coming from.”

Crenshaw said if all else fails, make jokes and offer everyone a shot of Tequila.


It has gotten increasingly harder for family members with opposing political views to hold civil conversations but I see much of that coming to an end very soon.

Sure, we still have our super-sensitive ‘woke’ crowd whining about everything under the sun—But Biden’s failing administration and painful spending habits aren’t just affecting conservatives. In my experience, even my more liberal acquaintances are recognizing the gravity of the situation.

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Sometimes, if they’re overstaying their welcome, just hit with the raw, unadulterated facts. That also works if you want an argument as well.

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Jerome from Layton

A lot of the Liberal tenants are based on feelings, not measurable facts. Rush used this situation with devastating effect. So, if a minimum wage of $10/hr isn’t enough, why not make it $500/hr? And, if you do that, where is the money coming from? If all “white” people are born as evil oppressors, what part of the genetic code defines this?

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ask them if sleepy Joe made many racist statements long before he started to stutter and not make any sense. racist jungles?


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Crenshaw is a globalist scum never listen to him he’s a fraud


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