Crenshaw Blows The Lid On Soros-Funded Prosecutors Pushing “Social Justice” Over “Justice”

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While speaking about the Christmas parade massacre Dan Crenshaw exposed Soro’s-funded prosecutors. Soro’s bankrolls non-profits in efforts to control the justice system. A control that undermines the safety of Americans and allows people, like the alleged Chrismas parade killer, to go free.

The man accused of driving through a Christmas parade in Wisconsin, killing at least six people, on Nov. 21 was arrested in Georgia earlier this year.

Darrell Brooks, 39, was arrested in Union City, Georgia on May 27, 2021 at the Country Hearth Inn on Shannon Parkway after he and a woman identified as his girlfriend called police on another guest at the hotel. According to a police report from the Union City Police Department, Brooks called police saying a man flashed a firearm while they were having an argument early that morning.

Brooks’ criminal history includes other instances of domestic violence. In Wisconsin, he was accused of punching and running over a woman who told police she was the mother of his child, NBC reports. According to NBC, the documents said police noticed dried blood on her face, a swollen lip and tire tracks on her left pants leg.

Brooks also had an outstanding failure to appear warrant in Nevada from 2016 where, according to NBC, “he was scheduled to answer a charge that he failed to notify authorities about a move, as he was required to do because he was on the state sex offender registry, police in the city of Sparks said, according to 11Alive.

Brooks was convicted in 2006 of felony statutory sexual seduction for impregnating a 15-year-old girl, police said.”

Those are just a few of the long list of Brooks’ charges related to violence across several states.

Liberal billionaire George Soros continues to pump money into the justice system through multiple nonprofits which leads to earlier release dates. Even to violent criminals, like the alleged Chrismas day killer.


Full Transcript:

REP. DAN CRENSHAW: Yeah it is too late for six people who died, and dozens of others who lost their lives, this is a really sickening tragedy.

The person who did it is a really sick individual.

And I think it’s it infuriates so many people is because it was so preventable. Even the DA from that town actually knew this would happen. He’s on the record saying yes, ‘Of course, this could kill people, people could die, yes but it’s worth it because social justice and stuff.’ I’m paraphrasing but he basically said yes, he knew this would happen.

Well, it did happen. Look, this happens all over the country. In my home city of Houston here, law enforcement tells me all the time that suspects can just laugh at them when they get caught. Just laugh at them, even violent offenders can just laugh at them because they know they are going to get off on some easy bail.

This is not how our justice system is supposed to work.

Non-violent offenders, you see Republicans and Democrats working together to make sure that there’s some leniency for them, but for violent offenders, people that are a danger to the public, people like this guy, who tried to run over the mother of his child just a few weeks earlier, they are going to let him out so he could run over a bunch of other people?

It’s really sickening.

And I’ll tell you what, I’m not that conspiratorial, but it is pretty obvious that there are people like George Soros funding these far-left radical DAs and prosecutors around the country in the tunes of millions of dollars and you’ve gotta get out and vote for these local elections because that’s how you stop this…

I basically paraphrased him about right. He says it was still worth it, and why? Because of this social justice pathology that they engage in. They don’t see justice the same as our founders did, as we do, where justice should be applied neutrally, and to everyone in a universal and fair process.

This is not how they see things. They see some people as needing benefits over others. It’s a very pathological ideology and it’s dangerous. It’s dangerous because it leads to situations like this and I think America’s finally waking up to this. Unfortunately, it’s unfortunate things like this happen, but God, I hope it’s a wake-up call that you need to get involved in those local elections, and in many states we elect judges, you elect the DAs got to get involved in those.




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