COVID Relief Bill Being Used To Quietly Expand Obamacare Provisions For the Wealthy

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President Joe Biden’s COVID-19 relief bill does very little to help fight COVID.  Less than 9 percent goes to fighting COVID and less than 1 percent goes to vaccinations.  Some COVID relief bill.  But those of you who actually read it will know that it does include an expansion of Obamacare in a sneaky way.

The chutzpah of this bill denies belief in a Benevolent Being.  Imagine only 1 percent of the $1.9 trillion spending going on is going to vaccination efforts, which is the fastest way to end the coronavirus crisis.  Instead, this bill – that can now be added to the $4.1 trillion Democrats already spent to supposedly combat the virus – spends hundreds of billions of dollars on progressive goodies list items, pension bailouts, and bailouts no matter what they call them to Democrat states and local governments that screwed up their economies with progressive policies.

Folks, the provisions that were written into this so-called relief package are an indictment of the incompetence of Democrat leadership across the country.

Democrats tell us that they want to defeat the virus to get Americans back to work and our children back in school, but when they only appropriate $6 billion out of the $128 billion total to get schools reopened in 2021 while hoarding the rest for years 2023 through 2028, it’s patently obvious that this is nothing more than a gigantic payback to the teacher’s unions for helping the COVID hyperbole along by standing in the doorways of public schools to keep our kids out of the classroom even though the same people involved who keep telling us to trust the science completely ignore the science that tells us that it is safe for children to return to the classrooms full time.

Among other scams, the Democrats are using this bill to help bring back Obamacare by allocating $36 billion to the efforts, which have absolutely nothing to do with fighting COVID.  So now you can expect your premiums to rise again when the government starts forcing insurers to cover older and sicker people at the cost that the government declares is affordable.  Every damn thing the Democrats do is a scam and it’s at the expense of the people they have always hated: the middle class.  Middle-class families make too little to be rich but according to the Democrats earn too much money to qualify for federal subsidies, so they get hit with the bill and get absolutely NOTHING for it.  Democrats always violate the General Welfare Clause and despite the invented definitions by Democrats was actually put into the Constitution by the Founders so that government cannot tax people for a program unless everyone who pays the taxes can benefit from the program.

Why do Democrats always punish the middle class this way?  It’s because they truly think of themselves as the aristocrats of our society, the people who shouldn’t have to work, who should be able to lounge around all day reading poetry and being waited on hand and foot because they are the smartest people on the planet.  Just ask them, and they’ll tell you.  They hate the middle class because the middle class can attain wealth through running small businesses and why should the great unwashed bourgeois enjoy life more than the aristocracy?  It’s just not fair.

Democrats rig every system to their advantage.  They are the party of patronage and they rub each other’s backs.   For example, the Democrats always take care of the teacher’s unions because the teacher’s unions take care of them when they use the dues monies from their members that are supposed to go toward contract arbitration but instead go in the form of campaign contribution to Democrats who then, in turn, create laws that are favorable to the unions while screwing the other 85 percent of the American workforce.

In this COVID relief bill, Biden is expanding the value of the subsidies and granting people who earn higher incomes to be able to get federal money to purchase expensive Obamacare insurance.  It’s welfare for the rich.  I thought Democrats were for the rich paying their fair share?  Now that the great unwashed have openly decided they no longer want to support a socialist party, the Democrats are catering more and more to corporations and rich elites even at the expense of those they like to walk on.

The bill will also be a huge windfall for insurance companies because now they can raise their premiums even more with the infusion of more federal dollars.  Who do you think the insurance companies are going to donate to in every future election?  Quid meet pro and quo.

The way they did this bill is how the Democrats plan to advance progressive priorities.  Everything from now on will be an emergency.  Meanwhile, the real emergency is Washington is spending us into oblivion and the wrong people are being helped for all the tax money the great unwashed will be stuck paying off until the end of time.




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