Conservatives Have to Stop Playing Defense and Create Their Own Offense Game Plan To Defeat The Left’s Lies

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After the shocking presidential election theft/loss, the conservatives are going to have to change up tactics.   The Woke Supremacy was able to shut down conservatives who investigated election irregularities by labeling them as conspiracy theories that lead to physical violence.  The Woke news media and Woke social media tech giants were in on it lending legitimacy to a Biden win.  Even though most people know what really happened in the 2020 election showing legitimacy is what the Democrats fought for after the election theft, which we now know was a coordinated theft thanks to Time magazine’s bragging about it.

The very first thing that needs to be done differently is how our elections are held.  For decades Democrats have come up with all kinds of gourmet recipes for how people vote, each one of them rife with fraud.  Republican-controlled state legislatures must close all election laws and regulations that allow for even the tiniest exploit for fraud.  The best way to do that is to throw out the Brad Raffenspergers and like-minded RINOs who want to cut deals with Democrats so that they feel good about themselves and get honest state and county officials overseeing elections.  What happened in 2020 was a horrific disgrace. Even in states that are run by Republican legislatures like in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Georgia the county level officials were all run and controlled by Democrats and that’s how all of the irregularities that were witnessed took place.

An even bigger problem that must be dealt with is how the Left organizes its attacks by shutting conservative voices down and thereby taking away any credibility.  They own and control the mainstream news media and social media, academia, the courts, and the corporate world on Wall Street.  Because we have morals and they do not, because we adhere to the rule of law and they do not, because we still believe in a Constitutional republic and they do not make it all much more difficult for us and we naturally have to work much harder than they do.  It’s not enough for American conservatives to sit around and gripe about how unfair it is that the system is rigged because that doesn’t solve anything.  No one is listening but conservatives and no one cares but conservatives and since they own everything that matters for public opinion complaining does nothing.

All of the leftist power moguls already mentioned have labeled any exposure of their crimes and wrongdoing as “misleading information,” “Russian disinformation,” or “conspiracy theories.”   We watched them do this and it becomes frustrating when they are all working on the same page and can get a dismissive response out like that in seconds.

The Left uses conspiracy theories to lump in with any genuine criticisms of their wrongdoing.  At this point for the Woke crowd, when one of them labels something as a conspiracy theory or misinformation or misleading information it’s instantly dismissed.  They don’t even care about the details, they just believe it and move on.

The tech tyrants are using the fact that they are private corporations working under the Telecommunications Decency Acts Section 230 and so far they are winning that argument, mainly because the politicians are trying to decide do they love the law and free speech more than the money they’re getting from the tech tyrants.  They are now the town square and though there is precedence that a private town is considered a government, for now, we just have to be smarter than them.

It’s getting exponentially worse as they first targeted influencers like Alex Jones and David Harris jr – yes, Facebook once deplatformed his page for speaking truth – because they wanted to get rid of them.  Then they started silencing the president of the United States by lying saying he was spreading misinformation about Joe Biden which was clearly not misinformation.   The next step is they are going to cancel anyone who admits they voted for Trump.  The Fake News media, which now consists of about 95 percent of news outlets, are blocking the truth from getting out and the tech tyrants are kicking conservatives off their platforms and making certain that we can’t even run our own platforms such as Amazon that kicked Parler off their web services for violating their terms of agreement which was only that they are a free speech entity.  The message they are silently sending is “we attack conservatives and the Democrats make sure our bottom line rises.”

The Left figured out how to dismiss any questions about the election as conspiracy theories.  I know it’s maddening to hear news anchors labeling legitimate points about elections laws that were broken by state officials as conspiracies and it’s frustrating to have your posts on social media labeled as misinformation when you know darn right well what you posted is a fact.  The point here is we have to defeat these dismissals.  As bad as they are it’s working.  Not all Americans are as political as you the reader.  They only know what’s going on by their news and what they see on social media.  They’re not bad people and they’re not stupid.  They’re just living their lives and are fed false information about conservative information.  And that has to be defeated.

One of the easiest ways to defeat them is to point out what they labeled as conspiracy theories in the past that turned out later to be completely accurate.  You may think what’s the point because they know they’re lying when they label conservative speech as conspiracy theories, but they’re not your target audience.  You are never going to convince the people labeling conservative speech as misleading or conspiracies.  They’re in on the big lie!  Your target audience is made up of the people who will read the posts, people who are not out in front making noise and arguing politics, but, rather, are there to learn what’s happening, what’s going on.  Trust me, when someone like that sees the labeling and then reads the rebuttals of how past conservative information was also labeled conspiracy theories but turned out to be true, it will affect them the right way.   Anyone with an IQ in the triple digits will be able to figure it out for themselves.

Once conservatives get used to fighting back by pointing out past information that was labeled as conspiracy theories were later proven to be accurate then it becomes the time when conservatives start labeling the Left’s labeling truth as conspiracy theories as the actual conspiracy theories.  The real conspiracy is the labeling of fact as a conspiracy.   Sounds ridiculous, right?  Well, it’s their playing field for now and that’s how you beat them at their own game.

Conservatives can take a real lesson from president Donald Trump. he never let them get away with labeling him. he came back and labeled them with funny negative names that had some truth to them and they stuck. Regular conservatives can do the same thing.

Trump supporters have to learn when to create a narrative.  The Left are masters at this as the recent and much talked about Time article we reported on reveals.  Whether they use hashtags on social media, emails of talking points, or whatever, it’s been working for them.  Now conservatives have to come up with tactics to make it work for them.  If you think this is silly or beneath you then please get out of the fight, because we need to win this fight, otherwise we really really do lose our country.  Stop wasting time on stupid narratives brought up by the Left to bait you in.  Trust only reliable conservative courses like Newsmax, OANN, Dan Bongino’s podcast, and others.  Go to their playgrounds and see what they’re politically pushing and then pounce on it with facts.  Put the Left on defense while conservatives stay on offense.  Yeah, it will take time and hard work, but no battle is worth winning without a real fight.

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