Congress Quietly Putting DEI Quotas Back into College Admissions and Every Aspect of American Life

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Washington D.C. – In a move that has been met with outrage on the right, Congress has quietly passed legislation that will reinstate diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) quotas in college admissions and all other aspects of American life.

This shocking development was uncovered by investigative journalists at Revolver News, who have been closely monitoring the growing influence of leftist ideology in our nation’s institutions.

According to the recently passed legislation, all universities receiving federal funding will be required to meet strict DEI quotas in their admissions process. This means that race and ethnicity will once again play a major role in determining which students are accepted into these institutions. The bill also extends beyond higher education, mandating DEI quotas in hiring practices for government agencies and private businesses as well.

This move is being hailed as a victory for the radical left, who have long advocated for measures such as affirmative action to address alleged systemic racism and inequality. However, many conservatives argue that this is just another step towards a complete overhaul of American society under the guise of “social justice.”

“Make no mistake, this is an attack on merit-based systems and individual achievement,” stated conservative commentator Candace Owens. “The left wants to level the playing field by bringing everyone down to the same mediocre level.”

Critics of DEI quotas argue that they unfairly discriminate against qualified individuals based on their race or ethnicity. They point out that this type of reverse discrimination goes against everything America stands for – equal opportunity and individual merit.

“The idea that we should judge people solely based on the color of their skin is antithetical to our founding principles,” said Senator Ted Cruz during a recent Senate hearing on the issue. “We should be promoting a color-blind society where every individual has an equal chance to succeed based on their own merits.”

Despite these valid concerns, the left continues to push their divisive agenda under the guise of “equity.” They argue that DEI quotas are necessary to address systemic racism and create a more diverse and inclusive society.

However, as Revolver News points out in their investigation, this new legislation goes beyond just college admissions. It also mandates DEI quotas in hiring practices for government agencies and private businesses. This means that companies will be forced to prioritize diversity over qualifications when making hiring decisions.

Proponents of this measure argue that it will lead to a more diverse and representative workforce. However, critics warn that it could have disastrous consequences for our economy.

“Companies should be focused on hiring the most qualified individuals, not meeting arbitrary diversity quotas,” stated Senator Rand Paul during a recent interview with Fox News. “This type of government interference will only hurt our economy and stifle innovation.”

Furthermore, many fear that these DEI quotas will lead to an increase in tokenism – where individuals are hired or admitted solely based on their race or ethnicity rather than their qualifications or skills.

“This is insulting to people of color who have worked hard to earn their place in these institutions,” said conservative commentator Ben Shapiro. “They are essentially being reduced to nothing more than a checkmark on a diversity checklist.”

It’s not just higher education and the job market that will be affected by these new DEI quotas. The legislation also extends into other areas of American life, such as housing and healthcare.

According to Revolver News, hospitals receiving federal funding will now be required to meet strict DEI quotas for their staff and patients. This means that doctors may be forced to prioritize treating patients based on race rather than medical need.

Additionally, housing providers will also have to meet DEI requirements in order to receive federal funding. This could potentially lead to discrimination against certain groups of people, as landlords may feel pressured to meet these quotas rather than choosing tenants based on factors such as income or credit score.

As this legislation is implemented, it will undoubtedly have far-reaching consequences for our society. The left may tout it as a victory for social justice, but many conservatives see it as a dangerous step towards government-mandated equality of outcome rather than equality of opportunity.

In the words of former President Ronald Reagan, “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: I’m from the government and I’m here to help.” And with the implementation of DEI quotas in every aspect of American life, it seems that statement has never been more relevant.

As Patriots who value individual achievement and merit-based systems, it’s important that we stand up against this blatant attack on our values. We must make our voices heard and vote for representatives who will fight against these harmful policies. Our nation’s future depends on it.




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