Has Been Comedian Eddie Griffin Pleads With Audience For Someone To Assassinate Donald Trump

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Radio show host Ben Ferguson went to a comedy event in Dallas this past weekend.

The event involved comedian after comedian slamming Donald and Melania Trump in pretty sick ways, but out of all of the entertainers, comedian Eddie Griffin took it entirely too far.

Where is the line between ‘comedy’ and ‘inciting violence’… and has this guy crossed it?

VIA| All copies of the routine were taken down by Facebook. Radio show host Ben Ferguson was at the event and live streamed it. It had at least a 100,000 views when Facebook took it down.

Griffin, a comedian and actor, was in Dallas at a major venue, the American Airlines Center, with 15,000 plus people when he made his comments.

Griffin came on after George Lopez called for the “effing” of the president and said Melania Trump is a whore, in Spanish and English. Lopez called for the effing of all Trump supporters. There were other vile comedians like Charlie Murphy, Cedric the Entertainer. They all were within the bounds of free speech but Griffin was not. It wasn’t comedy, it was a hate-filled leftist call for murder.

What Griffin said was well beyond free speech according to Ferguson. The so-called comedian came out and called for the assassination of Donald Trump in all seriousness.

Dallas, he pleaded, do your historic duty. You guys assassinated JFK. Next time he comes to Dallas, stick him in a convertible, drive him by the grassy knoll, get the rednecks out to the grassy knoll. He then acted out killing Donald Trump. He told them to do their job and kill him. This went on for about two minutes.

Ya’ll took out one president, you need to take out another,” he railed.

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