Colbert Attacks Justice Thomas, Accuses Him Of Befriending Nazis

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Recently, Stephen Colbert, host of the The Late Show on CBS, used his opening monologue to push a narrative on everything from Justice Clarence Thomas and his relationship with Harlan Crow to the Tennessee GOP and their decision to expel two lawmakers for their role in shutting down legislative proceedings.

Colbert suggested that Thomas’s friend, Harlan Crow, was a Nazi due to his reported collection of Adolf Hitler artifacts and Nazi memorabilia, including two paintings by Hitler.

While collecting artifacts from your enemies is not for everyone, it is not unheard of and news of Crow’s collection isn’t new. A 2013 report on the matter also revealed that Crow has artifacts from SS Athenia, the first British ship sunk by the Germans in World War II and that his mother was aboard at the time of its sinking. Furthermore, Crow has plenty of artifacts that have nothing to do with Nazis or communism.

In addition, Colbert blasted the Tennessee GOP for expelling two of the three Democrats who participated in a student-led protest in favor of gun control. He suggested that the Republican-controlled House was being racist in their decision and that the excuse of the expelled lawmakers breaking chamber rules was “pure bullhorn”.

However, this narrative from Colbert is yet another example of liberal influencers pushing disinformation to support the left’s agenda. In this case, the left is attempting to paint Justice Thomas as a racist and the Tennessee GOP as bigots. It’s important to stand up to these narratives, as they are not only baseless, but also dangerous.

Justice Thomas is one of the most respected judges in the country, and he deserves better than to be smeared with false accusations. He should be celebrated for his commitment to upholding the Constitution and the rule of law. Likewise, as the Tennessee GOP has followed the rules and procedures in place, they should not be accused of racism or bigotry.

How ignorant is it that the left is trying to accuse a black American Supreme Court Justice and accuse him of aligning himself with nazis? Come on! If Justice Thomas was a Democrat they would have never attempted that flying leap into insanity.




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