Coca-Cola Diversity Plan In Death Spiral, Chief Lawyer Resigns

Woke Coprotations, like Coca-Cola, are pushing what looks like Communist control of production with their oppressive “equity demands,” and they are facing intense scrutiny over the denial of American worker’s Civil Rights, as well as economic pressures because ideas are not popular with the American consumer.

“Woke Coke has gone flat,” reported Fox News.

Will Fuer reported for Fox News in his article. Coca-Cola pauses aggressive diversity plan after chief lawyer resigns, saying the pause comes after Coke’s former general counsel Bradley Gayton abruptly resigned last month.

placeholderCoca-Cola has paused its controversial diversity plan — that included penalties on outside law firms if they failed to meet racial diversity quotas — after intense backlash.

The pause comes after the orchestrator of the plan, Coke’s former general counsel Bradley Gayton, abruptly resigned last month after less than a year on the job and as criticism of the quotas mounted,” Fox reported.

Under the plan, any law firm seeking to do business with the company was required to commit that at least 30 percent of the billed time would be from “diverse attorneys,” and at least half of that time would be from Black attorneys.

“The hard truth is that our profession is not treating the issue of diversity and inclusion as a business imperative,” Gayton wrote in January, unveiling the plan. “We have a crisis on our hands and we need to commit ourselves to specific actions that will accelerate the diversity of the legal profession.”

But Gayton’s sudden resignation last month has thrown the plan into doubt, with outsiders criticizing the plan and urging Coca-Cola to walk it back.

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A tactic that is being used, increasingly around corporate America, as I reported about CISCO’s plan for domination over others with equity and diversity controls.

HELLBENT ON AMERICAN DESTRUCTION: CISCO, Leading Community Organizers, Punishing American Workers With Social Justice Demands


Some questioned whether Gayton’s policies violated Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which says employers can’t treat people differently based on their race.

Scott Leith, a spokesman for Coke, said Gayton’s replacement, Monica Howard Douglas, is now reviewing the plan.

“When there is a leadership change, it takes time for the new leader to review the current status of the team, organization, and initiatives,” he said. “Monica is fully committed to the notions of equity and diversity in the legal profession, and we fully expect she will take the time necessary to thoughtfully review any plans going forward.


The Left is using a set of manipulations to control Americans claiming that the entire country is so horrible and racist that we need Critical Race theories in Schools, and Social Medicine in Science, and Equity controls in business, which all favor a very far left set of ideologies that the American Republic is faulty and needs to be replaced with their own power structure.

The saving grace for Americans is that the free market still exists and civil rights still are a thing.

Coke is suffering a loss of business across the board after they got into politics and attempted to harass and intimidate the people of Georgia. Coke’s brand faced a multi-racial and bipartisan boycott of their products in a populist revolt against them, leaving Coke’s executives furious.


Don’t worry Coca Cola; there is always the opportunity to scrub toilets for a living.

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Raymond Rippe

Pepsi is hiring,….toilet scrubbers. A little history, coke was marketed to whites while Pepsi was marketed to blacks. Problem is in their corporate thinking, not the public or employees but they don’t want to look at themselves as the problem.


I haven’t had Coca-cola since they’re racist “Be less white” comment and I feel great.

alicia regina cervera

Mee too! and it does feel wonderful. No more coke PERIOD !

Mark Gravitte

I would drink horse piss before I would a Coca-Cola product. There will be none of their garbage in our home. Everyone should be less Coke. Idiots! Go broke morons!



alicia regina cervera



If you asked me what the one (1) thing in the whole world I would not give up it would be my nightly bottle of Coke. I am almost 80! Due to Coke’s stance on being “Woke,” I am also now woke – and learning to love my new case of Pepsi. Coke, you may be amazing, but you are also amazingly stupid.


I am your age and never again will I buy coke. I loved the cherry coke but Pepsi has that too so that is where I am going.

mike dar

I did not like the Cherry coke at all, lol.. same age group. What I did find interesting where few did, and marketing costs were high, tons of advertising.. a constant mantra of ‘advertising’- indoctrination, which is propaganda… for what seemed a year.. a year it took for a large well established company to understand the economics did not hold up. Coca Cola believed they could get ‘market’, market niche… economically advantageous. Studies, round tables, polling, slight changes… a year long effort to push into America.. that which relatively few wanted.
Got really tired of hearing the sing song, the commercial propaganda telling me ‘YOU LIKE THIS POOP!(no offense to those who did… all I use coke for is cutting Whiskey with lolol!)
Anyway.. I see the connection of ‘advertising’ every day.. maybe one step in front of many from growing up Military and having Secret clearances and trained somewhat on “Counter-Intel and to be aware of “Subversion”.
In the field of such concerns as Counter Intelligence efforts and propaganda on National issues, unlike a soda pop, there is a great deal to possibly lose.. the very idea a Soda Maker would stoop to such methods drags my memory back.. to the ‘Cherry’… and huge waste.
Personally I believe Coke should have lost its corporate charter in the State Of Georgia, my resident State.. the ‘Waste’ has to refined in potency, the waste must be very large for this ‘Cherry’ Coke was shoving into America… or Baseball’s shenanigans, same for Airlines ect ect.
I hold Politicians entirely responsible on this issue allowing corporate allowance to operate without fulfilling a legal requirement to ‘do no harm’ set in place at the founding of the country.. social propaganda seems to fit the bill, subversive, illegal, loss of charter to operate in the State… should be taken up by Georgia’s politicians.
All.. the ‘woke’ disappears overnight.


Essentially, what coke is doing is the very definition of racism.

Albert Grounds

To begin with Gayton’s comment about the percentage of Black Lawyers rather than members of other ethnic groups proves this is not about diversity but inclusion of Blacks at a level/percentage that is inclusive only for them. Did he realize how narrow minded this was and why he resigned?

Diego L. Kaipat

Sorry Coca-cola, Pepsi is here to replace you.


There is also RC Cola only harder find. I had forgotten how much better tasting RC was then Coke.

I bought two cases on line.

Never thought they would have stupid enough to repeat the “New Coke” Twice.

But, I guess I was wrong.

Bye Bye Coke and Pepsi’s record on woke is not very much better just more quite.


The leaders of Coke are so damn stupid of the woke movement and now they don’t know what to do? The only thing that’s going to save the Coke from being nothing more than toilet cleaners is to admit they were wrong!!


Mess with the bull you get the horn…..right up yours




REVERSE DISCRIMINATION won’t work…..Never did…..Buy PEPSI if you are inclined to drink sugar water anyway….All soda drinks are UNHEALTHY…….. WAKE UP—-WOKE PEOPLE


Even my Black friends believe privileging Blacks, for any reason, only adds to a further separation of the races. Humans should never be measured nor defined in any way, by the color of their skin. Making laws and or, special conditions predicated on the color of one’s skin is in itself segregation. We are all equal under the eyes of God. This type of segregation will continue as long as we permit ourselves to be brainwashed by self-aggrandizing politicians and politically motivated corporations; purposed to win elections. I was born long before the passing of the Civil Rights Act can affirm that today, systemic racism does not exist in the US today, with exception of those whom have political agendas. US Veteran, member of the American legion.


Well said.


Racism only lives in the mindsvof people like Biden, Harris , Waters and Pelosi! They should be placed along with Fauci in a convalescent home in New York
Why and When did they become so AWFULLY MEAN and deranged!

Mark Gravitte

No to Joke coke!

Mark Gravitte

The cheese line awaits you Idiots at coke. Enjoy your rations with water morons!


I’m 77 and I’ve been addicted to Coca Cola all my life. I don’t like Pepsi — too sweet. But ever since Coke decided that my race was something to be ashamed of, I haven’t touched a drop and never will again.

I feel sorry for the ordinary workers at Coca Cola, of all races, whose fault this is not. But if millions of us switch to some other soft drink, perhaps those other companies will expand production, and hire the laid-off Coke workers.

The Republicans have always been the party of business, and especially of big business. That’s why they never got serious about immigration control — too many businesses wanted that cheap illegal labor, people who would be afraid to protest bad working conditions and low wages, or join a union.

But as Big Business becomes a tool for the destruction of America, maybe that will change. Maybe the Republicans will take up the cause of the working people — against their corporate bosses.

Let’s help the people who slave away in ‘woke’ Amazon’s giant warehouses to unionize, and get a decent wage. []

On to the Republican Workers Party … as predicted by Professor Francis Buckley in a book of that title three years ago. [ ]

Peter J Prokell

Dr. Pepper for me.


Dr. P is #1!

Garden Goddess

I NO longer purchase coke, and have had it removed from MY companies vending machines.


I quit buying ALL products the Coke “owns” … I won’t support a company that wants people to be ‘less white’ … imagine the uproar if they told a black person to be ‘less black’ or an asian person to be “less asian”. Their whole concept is TOTALLY racist. There are many other companies that I can buy products from … bye bye Coke … you are NOT “essential”.


Why are “soft drinks” called “soft” drinks? They are anything but soft. Hard on the kidneys, hard on the liver, hard on the pancreas, hard on the heart.

Last edited 6 days ago by terry


Harry F Lee

The Georgia Attorney’s Code of Conduct specifically bans Lawyers from discriminatory practices. The Georgia Attorney Discipline Board should immediately begin a discipline inquiry into Coke’s former Chief Counsel.

Ralph Richardson

It is against the law to discriminate because of race, or skin color. That said, if black Americans were the most qualified, they would already be employed by reputable law firms. We all know black Americans are let into schools with lower scores then white, and asian students. We all know they are not graded by the same standard either. I like to think many are able, and qualified, but the fact that many are not, and pushed thru based on skin color leaves doubt. That sucks for the ones who truly earned their credentials. That is the result of these “quotas”. It is saying minorities can not make it on their own merits. I don’t know why they call it “woke”. These people are not the sharpest tools in the drawer. They are “woke” as a zombie. All I know is I will no longer buy coke products.


Best comment here. Good job Ralph.


Yes, I agree with Roger. Ralph’s comment sums it up very well. The tragedy for qualified and talented Black citizens is that everyone will now think that their achievements are due to racial favoritism, insted of their own merits. We need to try to make sure that we don’t do that, but it’s going to happen.


I realize as an American citizen I don’t matter to BOG COKE, but I will never buy another one of their products.


How blatantly hypocritical if Woke. They sell products that damage people’s health ( I quit buying Coke after a Dexa scan in 2005) yet virtual signal to US to be less white?

Anony Mous

I’m not ‘woke’ and I ain’t broke. MY money goes to those companies who don’t get involved in politics. Easy to find out- just look at their financial reports. That and pay attention and take note of anyone who works for a major corporation donating to any of the multitude of Leftist/Democrat organisations. Starve them of their money and they die.Quickly.
As for the lower hanging fruit, those who don’t have a big national footprint, just keep your eyes and ears open. The word on ALL companies hits the streets more often than you know.
One other thing: if you want to keep your business YOURS, make sure you don’t hire ‘woke’ people. If they aren’t a ‘worker’, they have no power. (look at the pic above).
And if you have some, dump them as quickly and legally as you can. “Workers” who value themselves and their work ALSO value their company. And their jobs.
Mickey D’s are full of college and university ‘grads’ who have useless ‘degrees’ and nothing to offer but low level work skills which almost all have to be intensely trained in. Seems schools don’t teach much of anything these years.
Might also remember to HIRE LEGAL. Avoid entanglements with ILLEGAL ALIENS. If they don’t have identifiable and verifiable documents, avoid them. Sooner or later the law will end up at your door. (That will be courtesy of the party that values America and it’s LEGALLY based population.) Remember to vet prospective’s through “E-Verify”.

Lllll JJJjj

Reverse racism is STILL racism. I have not bought COKE in months and do not intend to, no matter HOW cheap they make it. I will not pay to be suppressed or name called. They can stuff it.


Lefties just have not learned the “affirmative action” ploy has never worked—not to the good of minorities anyway.

alicia regina cervera

eff the communist party of America, , cisco, coke, and other leftist corps. we will boycott you!

alicia regina cervera

NO MORE COKE! Fresh fruit juices are much healthier.!

Chuck Houck

Refuse to buy Coke OR Pepsi. Who do they think they are to tell me how white I can be? PLEASE try RC Cola’s diet cola called PURE ZERO…it’s delicious! MUCH better than Diet Coke…

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