CNN’s Panelists Hit The Panic Button Over DA Bragg’s ‘Weak Case’ Against Trump [Video]

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It’s been just a few days since former President Trump was formally indicted on Tuesday and the liberal media’s anticipation of New York D.A. Alvin Bragg’s case has died down.

After the release of the document, many anti-Trump legal experts and talking heads were forced to admit the case was weak and former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton even called it “distress[ing]” and “weaker than [he] feared it would be.”

The statement of facts behind Bragg’s case was lackluster and former assistant U.S. attorney Elie Honig noted that Bragg didn’t explain what evidence he had to bump the alleged false business records from a misdemeanor to a felony.

Trump’s lawyers “rightly” complained that Bragg wasn’t being forthcoming with the evidence and Honig dismissed Bragg’s attempt to apply state election laws to a federal presidential election and the tax fraud accusations since there was no apparent attempt to write off the hush money.

Faux conservative Alyssa Farah Griffin of The View was also on CNN’s reaction panel and admitted that the case was not as strong as she expected.

She also pointed out how easy it was to argue the indictment was nakedly political since “the next hearing … is scheduled for December 4” eight months away and “two months” before the Republican primary elections and caucuses.

But it was Bolton who gave the indictment the most damning critique. He said that the case was “easily subject to being dismissed or a quick acquittal for Trump” and that there was no basis in the statutory language to say that Trump’s behavior forms either a contribution or an expenditure under federal law.

He argued that if Bragg’s argument was taken to its logical conclusion, “every single expenditure a candidate made could be taken to have something to do with his campaign” no matter how innocuous and thus, “it violates the First Amendment because you’re deeply into territory that makes … the federal statute too vague for enforcement.”

It appears that the Democrats are once again attempting to weaponize the justice system to push their political agenda. From the weak indictment of Trump to the sudden and suspicious Biden investigation, it’s clear that Democrats are determined to use the legal system to their advantage.

It’s a dangerous move that undermines the integrity of the justice system, and it’s up to the American people to hold their politicians and public servants accountable for their actions.

Basically, the left is in a full-blown panic after Braggs revealed his hand and it’s a big nothing burger.




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