CNN’s jaw-dropping interview with potential VP Dr. Ben Carson

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Dr. Ben Carson, renowned neurosurgeon and former presidential candidate, made an appearance on CNN to discuss a variety of topics including President Trump’s recent rally in the Bronx, the current state of the economy under Biden’s administration, and his potential acceptance of the 2024 election results.

Carson, who was previously vetted by the Trump campaign as a potential Vice President pick, had a lot to say about these pressing issues facing our nation.

One of the main topics that came up during Carson’s interview was President Trump’s recent rally in the Bronx. Despite facing backlash from local politicians and activists, Trump supporters turned out in droves to show their support for the president.

Carson praised Trump for his ability to bring people together and connect with everyday Americans. He stated that “Trump has this amazing ability to speak directly to people’s hearts and minds without any filter or political correctness.”

This sentiment is shared by many American-loving patriots who see Trump as a true champion for their values and beliefs.

Another important issue discussed by Carson was the state of our economy under Biden’s administration. With rising inflation rates and job losses due to COVID-19 restrictions, many are worried about the future of our economy.

Carson didn’t hold back when it came to criticizing Biden’s policies. He stated that “Biden has completely mishandled our economy with his reckless spending and lack of understanding of how businesses operate.” This sentiment is shared by many Republicans who believe that Biden’s economic policies are leading us down a dangerous path.

The most controversial part of Carson’s interview came when CNN anchor Laura Coates asked him if he would accept the results of the 2024 election regardless of who wins.

This question has been a hot topic among Democrats and Republicans, with many on the left accusing Trump and his supporters of refusing to accept the outcome of the 2020 election.

Carson’s response was met with applause from American-loving patriots. He stated that “as long as the election is free and fair, I will accept the results no matter who wins. That’s what democracy is all about.”


This statement reaffirms Carson’s commitment to upholding our democratic values and shows that he is not afraid to stand up for what is right.

Dr. Ben Carson’s appearance on CNN shed light on important issues facing our nation today.

From praising Trump’s ability to connect with everyday Americans to criticizing Biden’s economic policies, Carson provided a refreshing perspective.





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