CNN’s Cuomo: Just Because Michael Brown Dealt Drugs Doesn’t Make Him a ‘Drug Dealer’

Just because Michael Brown was allegedly seen dealing drugs in a newly released video doesn’t mean he was a “drug dealer,” so said CNN’s Chris Cuomo on his show Monday morning.

After former NYPD detective Chris Houck said the new video of Mike Brown, if true, “shows him as a drug dealer” because he was exchanging “marijuana for cigarillos,” Cuomo responded: “But that doesn’t mean — that doesn’t make him a drug dealer even if that’s all true.”

“It’s a drug deal, Chris,” Houck said. “It’s a drug deal. It doesn’t matter how it’s done. If I give you drugs for something, that’s a drug deal.”

“Right,” Cuomo said.

“You go to jail, OK?” Houck said.

“Yes, but it doesn’t make him a drug dealer. That’s all I’m saying,” Cuomo insisted.

To recap: just because he was seen dealing drugs and was a drug dealer, doesn’t mean he was a “drug dealer.”


Credit: Information Liberation

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