CNN’s Brian Stelter Sends Out Newsletter Trashing Ratings Decline For Newsmax And Ignores His Own Network’s Ratings Collapse

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Wednesday night, CNN’s Brian Stelter contacted Newsmax about “Newsmax’s ratings declines for my CNN newsletter.”  Humpty Dumpty should look at his own ratings.  Physician, heal thyself.

Stelter contacted Newsmax at 9 pm Wednesday night and told them he would give them only one hour to respond, which meant he gave them a 1 hour deadline.

Stelter went ahead and sent out the email of his newsletter using the headline “Newsmax’s rise and fall,” citing, “Newsmax TV gained a lot of attention last fall when disaffected Fox News fans flocked to the channel en masse. … Newsmax’s Nielsen ratings are way off the post-election highs that I wrote about three and four months ago.”

Can you imagine that this buffoon gets paid to troll Fox News and Newsmax and he calls himself a journalist?

CNN’s Mr. Potato Head theorized that “Newsmax is no longer getting a pro-Trump Big Lie ratings boost. Biden is a comparatively tame story.”

Stelter like the other Woke morons in the Fake News was using the “Big Lie” lie to refer to former President Donald Trump’s arguments that there was massive election fraud in the 2020 election.  This from a network that lied every day to its audience for two and a half years about Trump-Russia collusion.

CNN and other lying news networks have ignored or dismissed real-world evidence of election fraud that took place in the 2020 election.  There were legislature hearings in multiple states where whistleblower witnesses testified under penalty of perjury the election fraud they witnessed as observers and/or vote-counting personnel.  There were also data experts who looked at the 2020 voting data and testified that there were so many irregularities that it was not a free and fair election.  Then we had other data experts who revealed that China and other countries were involved in helping the Democrats steal the election.

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell invested his own money to hire data and election experts and then he paid to have a documentary called Absolute Truth made where they expose the real data that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that massive election fraud took place.  You can watch the full length of the movie for free by visiting Lindell’s personal website or by clicking here.  We also carry it in the movie section at, a social media site where you can meet fellow conservatives and Trump supporters without worrying about being censored or having your data sold.   Either way, please visit and use the Promo Code TRUMP2020 to save up to 60% off from what you buy.  They have great products and we need to support Mike for his efforts to get the truth out.  Because of liars like Brian Stelter, Lindell is under attack daily.

Either way, it’s pretty rich coming from a Stelter whose network spent 24 hours a day, seven days a week attacking President Trump for anything they could for four solid years.

The fact that Biden is there now and Trump is gone is worse news for CNN than what Stelter characterized for Newsmax.  Since Trump left CNN has seen their own ratings collapse in recent weeks and I didn’t think it was possible they could go any lower.  I mean right now their ratings are so low it’s probably from Americans who died in their homes while watching CNN and nobody’s found them yet.

Here’s the best part.  Wednesday morning, Newsmax sent a response to Stelter.  “Only CNN would do a story on Newsmax’s drop in ratings when its own Nielsen total day impressions fell by 45% last week compared to the week after the election, and Brian Stelter’s own ‘Reliable Sources’ show fell by 44% over the same period with, more recently, his show having lost nearly 1 million viewers since January of this year.”

And get this.  Newsmax reached out to Stelter so he can comment on CNN’s ratings decline, which I’m fairly certain never made it into his newsletter, and he never responded.

I proudly have “Blocked by Brian Stelter” on my Twitter profile.  Stelter once tweeted out a teaser for his show called “Reliable Sources” – I swear I did not make that up – and I replied, “There is no more an unreliable source in news than Reliable Sources.”  He blocked me instantly.

According to Neilsen, Newsmax is still the #4 cable news channel in the US, it remains a top 25 network for Total Day and has seen double-digit P2+ growth from the fourth quarter of 2020 to the first quarter of 2021 led by “Spicer & Co.” (+39%), “Greg Kelly Reports” and “American Agenda” (+35%), “Rob Schmitt Tonight

Meanwhile, Stelter’s Reliable Sources <snicker> saw a 44% and 52% respectively:

  • 11/8/2020 show delivered 2.088 Million
  • 3/7/2021 show delivered 1.164 Million
  • First 3 weeks of January — 2.1 Million
  • Last 2 weeks — 1 million




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