CNN has got to have the creepiest news anchors. Between Cuomo’s attempts to cover up his brother’s sexually motivated crimes, Jeffery Toobin who was caught spanking during a zoom meeting, and Don Lemon grabbing random men I think it’s safe to say the Network has a problem with supporting abusers.

Toobin su[proizingly still has a job with CNN but Cuomo was finally canned. Now we’re all watching as Don Lemon’s accuser takes aim for justice after he says Lemon forced him to smell his gentiles in a sick and weird attack.

“Well, I was out with my boss,” he said. “We went into a place called Murf’s Tavern in Sag Harbor. We walked in and saw Don Lemon to the right, and I walked up to him and said, ‘Hey, you’re Don Lemon. Let me buy you a drink.’ And before he could even respond, I said, ‘Hey Nick, let me get two lemon drops.’ And Nick is the bartender at Murf’s Tavern. And Don Lemon looks at me and says, ‘I’m just trying to have a good time.’ And I said, ‘OK, my bad.’ And I walked around the bar.”

“Five minutes go by,” Hice continued. “And he walks up to me, stuffs his hand in his pants — and before that, he says, ‘Do you like me? Is that why you’re f—ing with me?’ And I said, ‘Nah, man, I’m just trying to have a good time.’ And in that split second, he stuffed his hand in his pants. And shoved his fingers up under my nose, pushed my head back, and asked me if I liked p—- or d—. I’m not going to say it. And I was disgusted, as you can assume, and I fled the bar.”

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Hice said that he assumed Lemon was “inebriated,” adding that he “looked like he’d been drinking.”

You can watch the interview below:

Everything about this interaction is creepy and disgusting but will it be enough to take Lemon down? CNN has a track record of protecting creeps so I wouldn’t hold my breath.CNN Stands To Lose Another Anchor As Lemon’s Accuser Details Disgusting Assult

Erica Carlin

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Their problem rides from the owners to the top. If Hanoi Jane is still involved now wonder if not then the top like the pervert Toobin and then there is the agresive fag Lemon. nothing more disgusting than a fag with not boundary’s. Is Lemon a toilet stall fag or a car cruiser???

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This would not be a loss either, not only is Don Lemon sour, but also accosts men. What pervert!

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JR Jansen

From your Don Lemon article: forced him to smell his gentiles”

Maybe you should brush up on the difference between “gentiles” and “genitals.”

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This racist Lemon needs to go.




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