CNN Jumps To Defend Biden War On Gas Stoves, Makes A HUGE Leap And Blames ‘Science’

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Recently, CNN climate correspondent Bill Weir made a strange comparison between gas stoves and idling cars on CNN Newsroom. According to Weir, having a gas stove in a small apartment is akin to having an idling car. Even though President Biden has spoken out against a gas stove ban, this outrageous comparison should not go unchecked.

Weir argued that “the science is showing us having a gas stove, in a small apartment especially with bad ventilation is like having a car idling there. And if you have young kids, it can affect cognitive abilities and, as well as asthma.”

This comparison between gas stoves and idling cars is inaccurate and downright outrageous. Carbon monoxide from a car running in an enclosed space will eventually kill you, while gas stoves, while they can produce carbon monoxide if they are not vented properly, are not nearly as hazardous. Furthermore, if you have proper ventilation, the risks posed by gas stoves are much lower.

In addition, gas stoves pose less of a risk than other household appliances that emit carbon monoxide, such as water heaters and older dryer models. Yet, these appliances are not being compared to idling cars.

It’s understandable why some lawmakers are concerned about the effects of gas stoves on children’s cognition and asthma, but that does not mean that the risks posed by gas stoves can be compared to running a car in an enclosed space.

It’s important to recognize the difference between the risks posed by gas stoves and those posed by idling cars. To suggest that the two are similar is not only inaccurate, but it’s also dangerous. Making this comparison can make people underestimate the risks of running a car in an enclosed space and lead to deadly consequences.


Furthermore, it’s important to remember that gas stoves can be made safe with proper ventilation. We should be focusing on ways to make gas stoves safer, such as installing hoods and cut-off valves, rather than making outrageous comparisons that are not backed up by science or pretending like a gas stove is like leaving a car running in your home.




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